Israel recommends fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine for those 60+, December 21, 2021, the Winter Solstice

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The fourth dose, in time for the fourth season…
Israel = 44
Zion = 44

It reminds of the death of Theodor Herzl at age 44.

Keep in mind Pfizer’s vaccine is approved for this fourth dose.
Pfizer = 44

Israel’s fourth Covid-19 vaccine is recommended on the Winter Solstice.
Winter Solstice = 187 / 191
Society of Jesus = 187 / 191

The rollout of the fourth vaccine is being detailed by the new Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, who took office on June 13, 2021, the day leaving 201 days in the year. That means the news comes 191 days after he took office.

The news also comes on a 54 and 74 date numerology.
12/21/21 = 12+21+21 = 54 (Jesuit Order = 54)
12/21/2021 = 12+21+20+21 = 74 (Jewish = 74) (Jesus = 74)

The news also came on the start of the 93rd week of the pandemic.
*See past work on Israel and 93
Wuhan Coronavirus = 93

Saturn = 93

Keep in mind the number four is associated with death, and this news comes during the time of Saturnalia, which is related to ritual sacrifice.

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