Ivan Reitman, dead at 75, February 12, 2022, prior to Super Bowl 56

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Reitman is dead 38-years after 1984, when Ghostbusters released.
Death = 38

He is dead in his 76th year of life, in the Year of the Tiger.
Tiger = 76

Reitman died on his 109th day of his age.
Reitman = 109
-109, 29th prime
Football = 29

He died at 75 the day before Super Bowl 56, as the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Rams, with the Rams improving to 7-5 with Ron Torbert officiating their games.
New World Order = 75
Cincinnati Bengals = 75

Keep in mind his birthday is October 27, and in 2019, on that same day, the Bengals and Rams played in the U.K., their last meeting before Super Bowl 56, a game that was very much about the Royal Family.

He died 85-days after the latest Ghostbusters release, or a span of 86.
National Football League = 85
-Rams won in 85th season
-They won the game with 85-seconds left

Blood Sacrifice = 86
Human Sacrifice = 86

He also died a span of 251-days from the anniversary of the release of the 1984 film, and 251 is the 54th prime.
Ivan Reitman = 54
Bengals 54th season

Tiger = 76 (Year of the Tiger) (7/6 date)
-Date can be written 6/7 as well
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

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