Ivana Trump’s July 20, 2022 funeral was in St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church

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Recall, Ivana Trump’s funeral was on the 201st day of the year.

But notice it was at St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church.
St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church = 173 (40th prime)
Roman Catholicism = 173 (40th prime)
Old Testament = 40

-Vincent Ferrer is remembered for converting Jews to Catholicism…
United States = 40
US = 40

Him and Ivana were married in ’77, 40-years before he became President, on the 77th Meridian West, in Washington DC. And we have seen some big rituals with 40, including in South Dakota, the 40th state, where Trump spoke in front of Mount Rushmore. Of course, he also borrowed ‘Make America Great Again’ from the 40th President, Ronald Reagan.

Notice the 389 value of the building. That is the 77th prime number.

United States = 77
Secret Society = 77
Zionist = 77
Judaism = 77
Power = 77
DC on the 77th Meridian West

It is 77-years after 1945, the year World War II ended.
Donald Trump, #45
Berlin Wall = 45 (Trump declared 45th Pres.-elect on 45th anniversary of wall)
Ivana Trump = 45
Berlin Wall was a result of the aftermath of the World Wars

And notice, Vincent Ferrer died on April 5, or 4/5, and was canonized on June 3, or 6/3.
*That’s 4/5 and 6/3 like 45 and 63…
Berlin Wall = 45 / 63
Ivana Trump = 45 / 63
-She is dead 45-years after their ’77 marriage
-2016 is 63rd triangular number (Trump Berlin Wall ritual on November 9, 2016)
-He became 45th President elect on that day (Nov. 9, 2016)
-*Rabbinic Judaism = 63

He died in history 72-days after his 69th birthday.
President Trump = 72
Jesuit Order = 74
Ex-Wife = 72

Her death followed the news of the 72 page report against Trump.

And as for him dying at age 69…
The Jesuit Order = 69
New World Order = 69
Illuminati = 69

Read more about the life and death of Ivana Trump here.


Again, a big part of Ferrer’s legacy is converting many Jews to Catholicism.



  1. Joshua Krantz on July 26, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    Ivana Trump’s death on July 14th 2022 to Pope Francis’ upcoming 86th birthday 12/17/2022 is a span of 22 weeks and 3 days for the number 223, which is the 48th prime or in terms of just days is a span of 157 days. 157 the 37th Prime. Reading through your post Zach, i noticed that I have the same birthday as Vincent Ferrer as well as Georgetown! HAHA. Ivanka Trump’s book The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life = 201 KV Reduction & 3481 Jewish which has a square root of 59 & 1748 Satanic & 1841 Reverse Satanic. In Colonial America in the year 1748, King George’s War was halting to an end. In America during the year 1841, Fordham University was opened on June 21st in the Bronx New York by the Society of Jesus. This book from Ivanka Trump was published October 9th 2009(10/9). From the publishing date of this book to the death of Ivana Trump, July 14th 2022 is a span of 666 weeks and 3 days. For another interesting factoid in history. “The Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 issued by Charles IV Holy Roman Emperor was done so on an infamous day in history. April 19th 1713. Charles IV issued this edict to ensure that the Habsburg hereditary possessions, which included the Archduchy of Austria, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Kingdom of Croatia, the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Duchy of Milan, the Kingdom of Naples, the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Austrian Netherlands, could be inherited by a daughter.” Just thought that was interesting to add into this comment.

  2. Joshua Krantz on August 19, 2022 at 4:48 pm

    Zach I could have sworn on the Wikipedia page of Ivanka Trump’s book the Trump Card it was published on 10/9/2009… Unless I screwed up or misread it.. Damn. Well revising the above post: From the publishing date of 10/16/2009 to Ivana’s death 6/14/2022 is a span of 151 months, the 36th Prime, and 29 days. And of course the 36th Triangular being 666. The number 15129 has a square root of 123. Also it is a span of 12 years and 241 days, 12241 is the 1463rd Prime. As for the title The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life = 201 KV Reduction & 3481 Jewish which has a square root of 59 & 1841 Reverse Satanic, like the year Fordham University was established by the Society of Jesus, 6/24/1841 to be exact. This is when it was known as St. John’s College. Founded by John Joseph Hughes. Which is kinda peculiar because the name John Hughes reminds me of the film director who did Breakfast Club, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Home Alone amongst many other classic films. Home Alone in particular a film with Trump Tower and Donald Trump himself starring in it briefly. From the Oprah interview with Trump 4/25/1988 to the release date of Home Alone in Chicago, 11/10/1990 is a span of 929 days, the 158th Prime.

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