Ja Morant suspended for second video with gun on social media, Sunday, May 14, 2023

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Temetrius Jamel Morant = 126 (He went down to the Lakers this year, who lost Kobe on 1/26)

This news broke 277 days after Ja Morant’s last birthday, August 10, 2022. It broke May 14, 2023.
277, 59th prime number [Grizzlies = 59]
Slave= 59
Negro = 59
Blues = 59
Rasta = 59
*Black Mamba = 59
*Michael Jordan = 59
*Ali = 59

It came 60 days after Ja Morant’s March 15, 2023 suspension for posting a picture / video of a gun on Instagram in Glendale, Colorado.
Police = 60
Glendale = 60
Order = 60 & 75
*Nigger = 60

This news came on the 75th birthday of Israel.

Memphis is very Egyptian.

Egypt is biblical.

Israel is biblical.

King James is biblical.

King James went through Memphis in round one of the Playoffs.

Boston beat Memphis the day of the Super Bowl, involving Philadelphia, the latter city also biblical in terms of its names.

277 days is 39 weeks and days.
-MLK killed at 39 in Memphis
-Malcolm X dead at 39 in NYC

This news also broke 71 days after the original March 4 post on Instagram by Morant.
Memphis = 34 (March 4)
Catholic = 71 (The church that runs rigged sports)

Keep in mind May 14 was a Sunday, the most Catholic Day of the week.


Also, May 14 was 18 days before the NBA Finals began.
Boston and LA tied with 17 championships (next is 18)
NBA = 17
59, 17th prime

Never forget LeBron joined the Lakers on 1/7, coming from the 17th state, Ohio, and winning the Lakers their 17th championship in his 17th season. And again, this year the Lakers went through Memphis in the opening round.

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