Jackie Robinson actor dies at age 42 on Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB, August 28, 2020 | And never forget what happened January 31, 2020 to Oscar Gamble, Rasual Butler and L’Tanya Lemon, on Jackie’s birthday

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He is not 43. He is 42. And he played Jackie, #42. And today is Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB, August 28, 2020 (making up for it being miss due to “coronavirus” on April 15, 2020).

Read about the August 28, 2020 Jackie Robinson Day riddle here: https://gematriaeffect.news/july-6-1944-the-court-martial-of-jackie-robinson-jackie-robinson-day-in-2020-falling-on-august-28/

The man who played Jackie Robinson in Hollywood, has died on the day that the MLB is celebrating as Jackie Robinson Day for 2020, August 28. Notice both Wikipedia and IMDB have him listed as age 42.


He has died 39 weeks after either his 42nd or 43rd birthday, of course Jackie wore #42.

Keep in mind he played James Brown as well in Hollywood.

He also died on the anniversary of Emmett Till.

Notice how his full name connects with ‘Major League Baseball’.

He has also died on the anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. Keep in mind, MLK and Malcolm X both died at age 39, and both men have names equates to 93. With regards to 93, Boseman has died 93 days before his upcoming birthday, that was either his 43rd or 44th. If it was his 44th, MLK was killed on 4/4, and Malcolm X was killed on a date with 44 numerology.

His name, Chadwick Boseman, equates to 59, like ‘negro’, ‘slave’ and ‘blues’.

Notice how ‘Colon Cancer’ fits in.

Read about the Jackie Robinson Day ritual and 76, August 28, 2020: https://gematriaeffect.news/july-6-1944-the-court-martial-of-jackie-robinson-jackie-robinson-day-in-2020-falling-on-august-28/

8/28/2020 = 8+28+20+20 = 76

Jackie Robinson was given a court martial on July 6, 1944, emphasis on 7/6, plus it was a date with 76 numerology, and it was 76 years ago.

7/6/1944 = 7+6+19+44 = 76

His name also equates to 131 like ‘Jack Robinson’.

He died 132 weeks after the release of ‘Black Panther’.

He played T’Challa in Black Panther, equating to 132.

T’Challa also sums to 21, 42 and 57.

Jesuit = 21 / 42 *Jackie = 21 / 42

*Georgetown = 57 *He died on the 57 year anniversary of I Have A Dream

For another thought, he died on a date that can be written 28/8, like 288, and another author of Black Panther has a name equating to 288, that is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ta-Nehisi_Coates

He died 385 weeks after the release of ’42’, about Jackie Robinson.

Don’t forget that film released on the 102nd day of the year, the same day in history the American Civil War ended.

Read about the 42 / 102 ritual they just did with Mookie Betts of the Dodgers an Giannis of the Bucks: https://gematriaeffect.news/mookie-betts-the-new-jackie-his-august-26-2020-protest-42-days-before-his-birthday/

And don’t forget the deaths of L’Tanya Lemon, Rasual Butler and Oscar Gamble, on Jackie Robinson’s birthday, January 31, 2018. All of their names. equated to 42, and Oscar Gamble died 42 days after his own birthday.

It’s not an accident February is black history month, ending on the 59th day of the year (in non leap years, the 60th in leap *Nigger = 42 / 60). And it’s not an accident that Motown was established on 42nd Parallel in Detroit, in the year ’59.

Oscar Gamble, who played in the MLB, died 42 days after his own birthday.

Link to Live Chat: https://heavy.com/news/2018/02/ltanya-lemon-grimes-don-lemon-sister-death-drowning/

YouTuber champs made some great finds!

Emmett Till.

Emmett Till fits in with the 39 week ritual.

More 106. Black Power.

Julia Reed is dead at 59, in the 42 city, NOLA, New Orleans.

As for the misreporting of his age at 43, it connects to ‘Black Panther Party’, summing to 191, the 43rd prime.

Remember the Black Panther Party had its first meetings in a Catholic Church in the Bay Area.

The name Robinson also sums to 43.

As for the athlete they always sync the Black Panther riddles up with, Cam Newton, the death came on the 110th day of his age, 31. Keep in mind 31 is the 11th prime, and ‘black’ equates to 11. And notice Robinson equates to 110.

For another piece, he played Thurgood Marshall, who died in ’93.

Born 7/2 *Jesuit Order = 72

He died 206 days after his birthday *Sacrifice = 206

He also died 159 days before his upcoming birthday.

Scottish Rite = 159 / 57 *Supreme Court = 57

Also notice that Marshall died on January 24, or 24/1, like 241, and Boseman died August 28, 2020, the 241st day of the leap year.

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  1. rossanderson on August 28, 2020 at 11:39 pm

    His Black Panther character name was T’Challa. T’Challa = 42

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