Jacob Rothschild of NM Rothschild & Sons dead at 87, February 26, 2024 news

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This news breaks while Pope Francis is 87-years-old.

And notice the part about his 66 million pounds donated to Jewish causes (you’ll also notice the triple overlap with ‘number of the beast’ and ‘Jacob Rothschild.’

As for being a leader of the Jews, he died on the 57th day of the year. It a number that connects the religion with ‘England’ and ‘Rome.’

For another familiar pattern, he died 71 days after the Pope’s birthday.

He died 63 days before his upcoming birthday (303 days after his last), and the 63 goes with him beginning his banking career at N M Rothschild & Sons in London.

Again, the Black Pope, Arturo Sosa, is 75, and Pope Francis, the White Pope, is 87.

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