Jaden Ivey becomes 50th player drafted from Purdue to NBA, after the death of #50, Caleb Swanigan (and the Fort Wayne-Detroit thing)

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After the June 20th death of #50 Caleb Swanigan, Jaden Ivey became the 50th player drafted to the NBA from Perdue on June 23rd, where he and Swanigan both attended. Adding insult to injury, Ivey was drafted by the Detroit Pistons, that began their franchise in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Caleb Swanigan died. Furthermore, Swanigan died at age 25, having a square root of 5, and Ivey was drafted 5th overall, going with both Swanigan’s jersey number, and Ivey’s, which is 23.
50 = 5+0 = 5
23 = 2+3 = 5

Read about the 50 players selected from Perdue here.

And don’t forget that Swanigan died on Ivey’s 128th day of his age.
Boilermakers = 128

He also died right after the Juneteenth holiday, on the day it was celebrated.
Boilermakers = 196
19/6 holiday

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