Jamaal Bowman and Mondaire Jones are the new faces of the Democratic Party, June 25, 2020 Orwellian news

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This story about new faces comes June 25, 2020, on the birthday of George Orwell.

The story about the new black faces of the Democratic Party are interesting…

Remember, 2019 was the year of “black face” by the numbers.  It was also the 400 year anniversary of slavery in American, Acts 7:6-7.


One is an educator, and the other is gay? Is him being gay the qualification?

44 and 33, 11 years apart.  The ‘gay’ one is 33. And don’t get me started on MLK and Malcolm X and 44.

GAY = 33

HOMOSEXUAL = 137 (33rd prime)


Notice the 74 gematria in both names, Jamaal Brown and Mondaire Jones.

Masonic = 74; George Washington = 74; *Jesus = 74

33 of George Washington’s 74 generals were masons per U.S. history.

When you add 44 and 33, the ages of the men, it sums to 77, like how Washington D.C. is on the 77th Meridian West.

Today’s news, June 25, 2020, is on the 177th day of the leap year.

The Jesuit Order = 177


All of mainstream media is sharing this photo from November 5, the date of the Jesuit Guy Fawkes plot in 1605.

His arrest is June 25, 2020, the 177th day of year.

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