James White’s parents killed in car crash the day of his SNF game, September 20, 2020 (and the Matt Ryan 201 ritual the same day)

Murder by Numbers Sports

This news comes on his 231st day of his age, or his 33rd week.

It’s a Sunday / Jesuit ritual.

231, the 21st triangular number


Sunday Night Football is the Patriots @ Seahawks, meeting for the first time in exactly 201 weeks.

*Bible = 21

And it is the Jesuits, laying down the Biblical riddles.

Keep in mind James White scored the winning TD in Super Bowl 51, where the Patriots had the massive comeback over the Falcons. Adding insult to injury, the Falcons gave up a huge lead to the Falcons today, after a 201 ritual with Matt Ryan, in his 201st career game. Watch the 201 ritual here, and notice how the camera goes to Matt Ryan at 9:27 on the clock, after the “201 thing.” Of course, the Jesuits were recognized by Rome on 9/27, and Arthur Blank’s birthday is that day. *Rome = 51

201 ritual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxOAeVNB7ew

Matt Ryan came into the game 113-87.

*Dallas = 113 *Cowboys = 87



  1. danbeartrap on September 20, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    James White=209(FB) and 312(FB)
    Today is 20/9.
    Tyrone White=187(FB)
    Society of Jesus=187
    Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312
    Ignatius of Loyola made a saint on 3/12..
    Francis Xavier died on December 3rd or 3/12…
    Francis Xavier=201(FB)
    The Francis Bacon/Franc Baconis Ciphers have been ridiculously relevant.

    Plus he played college football for Wisconsin with Russell Wilson. His dad dies the same day they play Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.
    Ignatius of Loyola=231
    National Anthem=231

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