Jani Lane’s August 11 death in Room 118 (and Warrant’s Cherry Pie release date)

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Jani Lane died on August 11, or 11/8, in Room 118. August 11 is also the day Robin Williams died in 2014. And as we know, the number 118 is fateful. *Death=118 *Homicide=118

JFK was killed in Dallas, Texas. *Dallas, Texas=118

Lee Harvey Oswald is who supposedly shot and killed Kennedy, before he was shot and killed.

Look at those album names…
And the album runs 38 minutes long *Death=38 *Murder=38, etc.

His big album and song, Cherry Pie, game out September 11, 1990, the day of George W. Bush’s New World Order speech. *George Herbert Walker Bush = 118 *Ossuary = 118

And recall, the World Trade Centers in New York opened in ’73…

And recall George W. Bush was the President when 9/11 happened…

And George H.W. Bush was there when JFK was killed in Dallas…

Notice the 73 and 80 gematria with his name.
John Kennedy Oswald = 73 & 80
-Ritual Sacrifice = 73
Sacrifice = 73
Bavarian Illuminati=80

Skull and Bones, at Yale, which the Bushes were members of, is related to the Bavarian Illuminati. They also get their symbolism from the Templars who buried their dead in ossuaries.

Keep in mind H.W. Bush died at age 94.
Warrant – Cherry Pie = 94
World Trade Center = 94
Roman Catholic Church = 94
-Helios = 94
-Planet = 94
-Gregorian = 94

And the list goes on…

By the way, Jani Lane died 191 days after his birthday.
191, 43rd prime (RIP = 43) (Yale=43)
Society of Jesus = 191


  1. GregRamsey74 on November 8, 2023 at 5:11 pm

    “Jani Lane” = 118(Capitals Added)

    He died 31-days before the anniversary of the album’s release on the 11th of September. 31, the 11th prime. He was born on the day leaving exactly a span of 11-months left in the year.
    Or a span of 32-days. “Warrant” = 32(he was born on the 32nd day of the year)
    “Cherry Pie” = 32(Chaldean)
    “Bobbie Brown” = 32(his wife in the video of Cherry Pie)

    “Cherry Pie” = 46/62
    “Sacrifice” = 46/62

    Warrant became popular in ’89, and he died in the 11th year of the 2000’s. 89, the 11th Fibonacci.

    He died exactly 44-weeks after his wife, Bobbie Brown’s birthday.
    “Kill” = 44

    He died 103-days before the anniversary of the JFK assassination.
    “Warrant’s Cherry Pie” = 103

    “Assassination” = 191

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