January 19th Decoded: Enki Poseidon, the Horse, the Trident and the NFL

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January 19th is a deeply ritualistically significant date, primarily because it is not the date itself per se, but the numbers in the date 1-19 that have such occult ritual power.

I will reprise some of a previous decode that I did, to emphasize the occult significance of 119; it seems related to the oldest recorded civilization; the Sumerian civilization and one its chief deities named Enki.

Ancient archetypes and allegories determine events that have occurred throughout history and that occur in the modern day. The gods of ancient Sumer (or Sumeria) are central.

The Sumerian god Enki is an original archetype. Civilizations that followed referred to the same deity, but in terms unique to their civilizations and cultures. Historians and researchers will dispute whether or not certain deities from younger civilizations correspond to those of older ones. There is seldom a consensus.

It is more or less uniformly accepted that Rome’s Neptune is Greece’s Poseidon who is Sumer/Sumeria’s Enki.

Recognizing the symbols and applying gematria, reveals the fact that the ancient Enki archetype is still being recognized in an occulted manner.

Enki, Neptune and Poseidon have as his primary symbol, the trident.

Our first example of the numbers 119 being relevant to Enki/Neptune/Poseidon is the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers which had his trident symbols on them. 911 was a destruction-of-Enki ritual alluding to the Sumerian War-of-the-gods which his faction lost to the Enlil faction.

In gematria “POSEIDON” = 119.

A major Neptune symbol is the horse. He is said to have created horses.

The death of the racehorse colt Medina Spirit confirmed that ancient archetypes are still honored.

The number 45 has been associated with colts (the handgun Colt 45 that was in the news when Alec Baldwin shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins)and the malt liquor brand Colt 45 are popular examples of this association.

Medina Spirit continued this association being born on 4-5, April 5th.


The day before Medina Spirit died The National Football League played along with the occult homage to the horse/Poseidon 119 association.

The team that would be most obvious to such a theme would be the Indianapolis Colts.

The day before the colt Medina Spirit died, the Colts won 31 – 0 specifically against the Houston Texans.

In gematria the word “NEPTUNE” sums to 31.

The star of the show was Running Back Jonathan Taylor who scored 2 touchdowns and rushed for 143 yards.

The 143 yards is super significant to the ritual, but of primary importance to this decode is Jonathan Taylor’s birthday which is January 19th: 119.

Not only was Taylor born on 1-19 but he was born on a date with 119 numerology: January 19th, 1999 is 1+19+99 which equals 119.

When you spell out his jersey number “TWENTY EIGHT” it sums to 156. The 156th prime number is 911.

Why were the Houston Texans chosen for the ritual? Because of the Texans symbol the bull.

From Wikipedia:

Only a select number of Roman gods received a bull sacrifice. Neptune was one of them. The Texans were the bull sacrificed to the god of horses the Colts who won 31-0 when “NEPTUNE” sums to 31 in gematria.

“NEPTUNE” also = 95 in gematria. Houston Texas, the absolutely crucial location for the ritual, is on the 95th Meridian West.

Jonathan Taylor connects to the “Colt 45 “ theme:

From the day of the colt Medina Spirit’s death ( December 6th, 2021) to today (at the time of writing this post) Colt Jonathan Taylor’s birthday January 19th, 2022 is a 45 day span.

Jonathan Taylor averaged 4.5 yards per rushing attempt in the 31-0 win.

Two weeks after Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins with a Colt 45. revolver the Indianapolis Colts scored 45 points against the New York Jets to improve their record to 4-5.

The 119 connection here is that the opponent was a New York City-associated team. 11-9/9-11 was a ritual in New York City that involved the trident of Neptune in the design of the sacrificial objects the Twin Towers.

The game in which the Colts scored 45 to go to 4-5 on the season was on November 4th. 4 weeks and 5 days later was the day of the death of the colt Medina Spirit, December 6th, 2021.

If you combine numerology and the reverse Pythagorean cipher of gematria “COLT 45” sums to 31. Like “Neptune”

Why is 45 so central to a Neptune ritual? Because his primary symbol is a trident, and “TRIDENT” sums to 45.


I said that this number was huge to the ritual.

Jonathan Taylor achieved 143 yards rushing in the huge ritual game versus the bull symbol Texans.

143 is the NFL all-time record for rushing-yards-per-game in a season, held by O.J. Simpson (of the Buffalo Bills). O.J. Simpson who had a spectacular college career (which included a Heisman Trophy win) as a University of California Trojan, the nickname of the University of California.

Trojan refers to Greek history/mythology and the famous Trojan horse.

The mascot of the University of Southern California is a white horse, that Neptune/Poseidon symbol.

The term “TROJAN HORSE” sums to 143.

Now we know why the Colt rushed for 143 yards in the high ritual game.

The World trade Center’s official website wtc.com did an article about the trident symbols of the original twin towers titled “TRIDENT TRUE SYMBOL.”

“TRIDENT TRUE” sums to 143 in gematria.

There is more horse symbolism with O.J. Simpson: he is associated with the infamous Bronco slow speed police chase while driving a white Ford Bronco SUV in the Nicole Brown-Simpson murder saga.

Gematria reveals the Bronco Horse connection to Neptune.

“BRONCO” and “NEPTUNE” match in three values in the base ciphers of English gematria.

The Denver Broncos were also part of that huge Neptune ritual weekend in the NFL but the focus here is on the 119.

In the weeks and months following this grand occult NFL game week, several personalities associated with the Denver Broncos have died.

The most recent is former Head Coach Dan Reeves whose birthday is 1-19 January 19th.

The first Bronco to die after the ritual day is former Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas. His connection to 119 is

His name “Thomas” means “twin” which can refer to the Twin Towers.

His birthday was December 25th is is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. But September 11th is believed by many to be the real birthday of “Jesus”.

A December 25th birthday makes someone a Capricorn.

The symbol for the zodiac sign of Capricorn is the sea goat, so Bronco Demaryius Thomas also was an Enki (Poseidon/Neptune) figure since the symbol for Capricorn is a symbol of Enki.

From Wikipedia:

“There appears to be a connection between traditional characterisations of Capricorn as a sea goat and the Sumerian god of wisdom and waters, Enki,[6] who also had the head and upper body of a goat and the lower body and tail of a fish. “

1-19 birthdays also makes Dane Reeves and Colts Running Back Jonathan Taylor Capricorns, and symbols of Sumerian gods Enki.

“The Pet Goat” being read by George W Bush on 911 was the Enki element of that ritual.


  1. Miami Boy on January 19, 2022 at 8:01 pm

    Rambo is goooooooood!

    • Rambo on January 19, 2022 at 8:43 pm

      Thank You, sir! Appreciate it.

      Check out my Youtube channel “The Truth Codes” and I post on pattern.com/thetruthcodes.

      • metal or die on January 20, 2022 at 9:56 am

        Thank you for starting your own channel, Rambo. I watched the Drowning Pool video twice and had these observations (comment keeps being deleted off YouTUbe, so hope you don’t mind me ‘spamming’ that info here):

        On the cover of Sinema, Dave Williams is shown wearing a BATHORY shirt, a legendary Swedish black metal band, formed by Thomas Börje Forsberg [201 in English Ordinal, 84 in Pythagorean], who was born on 17th February (there’s that date again!), and died in 2004, at age 38

        Bassist Steve Benton’s name (and the video director of the music video for “Bodies”, Glen Bennett) instantly made me think of the vocalist for death metal band DEICIDE, Glen Benton, whose birth date 6/18-67 has 38 [6+1+8+1+9+6+7] and 101 [6+1+8+(19)+(67)] numerology. His name is 160 in Francis Bacon, 322 in Reverse Franc Baconis, 33 in Septenary, and 44 in Chaldean. DEICIDE were number one on that top 20 list

        The Sinner sleeve that shows the word cut into flesh reminded me of Slayer, whose fans are known to cut the bandname name into their skin. Slayer’s album “God Hates Us All” [144 in English Ordinal] was released on 9/11-2001. “Slayer” is 163 in Reverse Franc Baconis

        Lastly, Jesse Jane’s birth date of 16/7 is the date of the first atom bomb detonation as part of The Manhattan Project. This was conducted at the ‘Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range’—160 in Pythagorean (and three other reduction ciphers)

        Can’t wait to watch the rest of your initial uploads, thanks again!

        • Rambo on January 20, 2022 at 11:49 am

          That is an absolutely amazing decode! It all ties in. I wasn’t clear as to what was on Dave Williams’ shirt.

          I did a post for the video on patreon.com/thetruthcodes. You can post that great comment on there. It is free content. The other exclusive content is just $5.

  2. Chuckytria on January 19, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    Life after a Rambo’s Corner post can never be the same! Great decode Rambo!

    I’m sure you know both Denver and Houston = 31 and 32. ‘The GOAT’ also = 31 and 32! Which might connect to the Colts 31 points scored, Taylor’s 32 carries and OJ’s 32 jersey number. I remember when the OJ Broncos speed chase happened, I was in the middle of watching a 1994 NBA Finals game. The HOUSTON Rockets vs the NEW YORK Knicks!

    Funny that Chicago BULLS and NEW YORK born GOAT Michael Jordan didn’t play that year because he had ‘retired’ to play baseball with the Chicago White Sox minor league team. Jordan was 31 years at the time! Chicago = 143!

    Like you said Houston is on the 95th Meridien. Jordan came out of retirement for the 1994-95 season wearing jersey #45.

    • Rambo on January 19, 2022 at 10:35 pm

      Awsome decode! I was watching the Knicks-Houston as well. Never thought to make the Houston connection!Nice!

  3. picho on January 20, 2022 at 4:30 am

    maybe this is proof that we live in a matrix-like system.

    there’s too many events and too many people involved.
    if it was really “the evil jesuits in power” it would have leaked by now.

    • Rambo on January 20, 2022 at 1:38 pm

      I think it is a combination. Some things are too intricate to be planned, like the exact number of yards rushed. But there is ritual magic involved by whomever. I believe that some of these things manifest through ritual magic as well. Also astrology is a real thing. Some of it is the stars manifesting reality.

      • Goblin on January 20, 2022 at 1:56 pm

        Check my comment below. A lot of this is organic. But ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) have been using this natural system to advance their negatively charged agendas.

        Magick is real.
        All is mental.

        I’ve learned to depolarize, so it doesn’t affect me as badly anymore. You, Rambo, inadvertently started me on that path a few months back by recommending that I check out Frater X on YT. We’ll, it turns out there’s two Frater X’s. The guy I found on his ‘MindandMagick’ channel really helped me to change my life in a positive way.

        Nowadays I listen to Manly P Hall lectures, read authors like James Allen, Charles F Haanel and William Walker Atkinson (The Kybalion), and have finally been able to find some peace and serenity in my soul amidst the chaos.

        Thanks! Even though you had no idea! 😂

        • Rambo on January 21, 2022 at 11:31 pm

          You are most welcome. The same thing happened to me. I was looking for one Frater X and stumbled on the other who discusses magic. Frater X is a title, so many people have that title. I am glad you are benefiting.

  4. Goblin on January 20, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    I still wonder how much of this is organic. There’s definitely a natural, spiritual, esoteric side to Gematria that is not at all scripted.

    Example: A couple of months ago I did an astrological Tarot spread for myself. In my first house (the house of ‘self’, or your representation in the world) was the King of Pentacles. About two weeks later I did another one, and again, in that first house position was the King of Pentacles. There were also a few other cards in the same positions as the previous reading. I found this very odd and by no means coincidental. So I started calculating the Gematria of my name and the King of Pentacles.

    It turned out, 100% organically, that my full given name (first, middle names-2, and last) are an 8 or more cipher match with ‘I am the King of Pentacles’, depending on capital letters used.

    No, I’m not joking. Try it:

    Kevin Allen Chapin Ellis
    I AM the King of Pentacles

    • Goblin on January 20, 2022 at 2:21 pm

      Forgot to add that my long time nickname (‘Sir Illsa Moustache’) is also a multi-cipher match with ‘I am the King of Pentacles’.

      Natural, and not a coincidence.

      • picho on January 21, 2022 at 6:05 am

        you can associate anything with anything really.
        take the most random thing…. a burger.
        “cheeseburger with fries” is 102 in keypad.
        the reflection of 201…. the number zackary talks so much about.

        • Goblin on January 23, 2022 at 9:40 pm

          IMO Zach is a consent and contract agent for the people that he says he’s ‘exposing’.

          If he wasn’t, he’d have been killed long ago for exposing them as he has.

          It’s all an IQ test. I fell for it for a while too. But just decode his name, his book’s name (which has exactly 365 pages), listen to how he talks about ‘the sheep’. He’s one of their best actors, imo.

    • Rambo on January 21, 2022 at 11:36 pm


      King represents the Cardinal Cross. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Pentacles represents Earth. Earth sign on the Cardinal Cross is Capricorn. Are you a Capricorn? Or is Capricorn your birth Ascendant/Rising Sign?

      • Goblin on January 23, 2022 at 9:36 pm

        I’m a Virgo sun, Scorpio ascendant (Scorpio 1st/12th house). Jupiter is in my 12th house under Scorpio, and Neptune is in my first house under Scorpio. I’ve read and been told that I’m was born to be a mystic. I don’t know about that. Maybe.

        • Rambo on January 26, 2022 at 12:26 pm

          Virgo is the sign that has the most mystics. Libra and Aquarius as well, but mostly Virgo. “Jesus” (9-11) was a Virgo as well as his Mom. Virgo Maria in Latin literally means Virgo Mary (feast day September 8th).

  5. AnthonyCDavison on January 24, 2022 at 2:18 am

    The UK gave it’s own theatrical 911/119 tribute on 1/19 which was Boris’ 911th day in office – he was told at “Prime Minister’s Questions”=119 by David Davis=67
    “For the Love of God, GO!”=67 (19th prime)
    Boris Johnson=67

    They even slipped in a tribute to Oliver Cromwell (the man who un-exiled the Jews from the UK) too
    The (3 slide) thread is here, should anyone care enough to read it:

    Regarding your excellent 119 decode:
    **Neptune, The Wooden Horse of Troy and Rome come together through Aeneas of Troy: The “founder of the Roman Race”**


    I mentioned this a few weeks back in relation to Venus, Mother of Aeneas, on your excellent Tree-Burning decode
    (Venus=18 Aeneas=18 – 18th prime is 61 – Christmas=61 Tree burned 18 days from X Mas on a 61 date)
    “Founder of Rome”=61

    Neptune, despite favouring the Greeks during the Trojan war SAVES Aeneas, not once but TWICE (plus another intervention rescuing Aeneas from Achilles himself)

    (Scroll down to the section “Neptune, Aeneas and the founding (approx 2/3rds of the way down)
    Notice how for the second intervention Neptune demands a sacrifice…




    “Rome wasn’t built in a DAY…”
    (A day being 24 hours…)

    Also; congratulations on establishing your channel – I watched the first upload and noticed one of the first numbers mentioned was 361: a number I’ve been covering a great deal recently with it having a square root of 19 – highly appropriate for an upload on the 19th!

    I remember Drowning Pool and the Nu Metal scene (I grew up on Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer and considered the Nu Metal movement an amusing over-produced, radio/MTV-friendly tribute to their predecessors ) and not really caring for the song even though it was everywhere.

    Only with people born on a leap day does a decoder get the chance to see more “exquisite” date lengths between their birthday and date of death, due to the persons true birthday only arriving every four years, and I had to do a double-take when I saw he died a span of that magic **565** days from what would have been his 8th “true” birthday!

    Very very convincing and compelling – great work.

    • Rambo on January 26, 2022 at 12:20 pm

      I appreciate it, brother! If someone else has done it, then I missed it, but I think I am the first ( at least in the U.S.) to do gematria decode distinguishing “British spelling” from American spelling. I am a translator.

      Neptune favoring Aeneas is interesting symbolically. In theory he should not have been saving him. But in the depiction on Wikipedia Aeneas is having an arrow head removed from his leg. That is a Sagittarius/Jupiter symbol. Jupiter = Enlil, Neptune = Enki sworn enemy half-brothers. So, Enki/Neptune favoring a victim of Enlil/Jupiter makes sense. I believe that there are deep astrological and spiritual metaphors to stories like this that are over my head at the moment.

      Enlil/Jupiter is the storm god, so Neptune is fighting storms. With that in mind I notice that the NFL would not have any horse/Neptune team defeat a Jupiter team (Benglas, Eagles, Chargers). They will let the bull (Texans) be sacrificed to Neptune (Colts) but not an Enlil team. In 2020 they had the Eagles and Chargers tie (“draw” I’m a translator, remember) 23-23 which is the 9th prime, so 9-9 on 13th September the date of the founding of the first ever Temple to Jupiter on Capitoline Hill.

    • Rambo on January 26, 2022 at 12:47 pm

      Boris Johnson is a Gemini so he represents the twin pillars. The twin pillars in Freemasonry are marked B and J. Boaz and Jachin; Boris Johnson.
      And he was born in New York City, so that is more 911 connection for him.
      Gemini ruled by Mercury. One characteristic of Mercury is the trickster. BJ is clearly the trickster Mercury as is his twin Gemini Donald Trump.

      67 also comes up in The Hanged Man rituals (which was part of 911 “The Falling Man” from one of the towers in The Hanged Man position). The Hanged Man tarot card represents the Mutable Cross of astrology: Gemini-Sagittarius, Pisces-Virgo. The upside-down St. Peter’s Cross. Boris being a Gemini will have 67 show up in his narratives.

      • AnthonyCDavison on January 27, 2022 at 11:00 am

        Your role as translator only serves to further the “English Gent” aspirations observation I made some weeks back 😉
        I like it – I also like your additions to my additions – top “draw” as ever
        Both types of English are important, as the word “Saviour/Savior” shows – cunningly they both have the 84, but only the British English produces the “33” while its American cousin yields the 42 jiving with the 42 generations to Jesus (which is really 41)

        I just learned something really interesting about that, they actually state on the “Geneaology of Jesus” wiki page that the 3 sets of 14 could have been fudged and stretched specifically to synch with the name “David” which sums to 14 in all four Hebrew ciphers on the Gematrinator
        3 groups of 14 also says “Pi tribute” to me too
        I mention this because it is a great example of “admitted to” Gematria and most people learned about David and Goliath at some point so they have a frame of reference.

        Back to Boris and someone on Twitter showed me that
        Boris Johnson=1109 (Jewish)
        “Boris Out”=119
        “Johnson Out”=119
        (They are calling for his head at the moment due to the “Partygate” scandal, when in actuality they are building up to revealing the UK’s 56th Prime Minister, which should be “fun”)

        What I took from the Aeneas/Neptune story is that Neptune could be argued to be one of the most significant deities due to his interventions leading to the foundation of Rome, and of course Venus being his mother raises her stock even more too.

        • Rambo on January 28, 2022 at 12:30 pm

          When you speak of “American cousin” it reminds me of the play that Abraham Lincoln was watching when he was shot: ‘Our American Cousin’. J W Booth’s dad was an English Shakespearean actor. There is more symbolism in that play that I haven’t fully mined.

          Neptune and Venus are powerful to Rome but Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Mars and Vulcan get the top sacred site of Capitoline Hill. Temple to Mercury got Aventine Hill which is interesting because the opposition to Mussolini head quartered (after being forced out of parliament) on Aventine Hill while the Fascists were on Capitoline Hill. The murdered leader of the Socialist opposition to the Fascists was of course a Gemini (ruled by Mercury) Giacomo Matteotti so, of course Aventine Hill. This is the astrological Jupiter-Mercury opposition. The Temple to Venus was in the Aventine Hill vicinity but not actually on it.

  6. AnthonyCDavison on January 30, 2022 at 3:16 pm

    Very interesting about the hills and the fascists – I had a quick look at that play Lincoln was watching and noticed a character called “Augusta”, not a million miles away from Augustus.
    The main character, Asa reminds of the 3rd king of Judah whose reign wiki has beginning “around 911 BCE”


    • Rambo on February 2, 2022 at 10:10 pm

      Wow! That number again! 119 relates to Jupiter whose orbital cycle is 11.9 years. Abraham Lincoln is portrayed as Jupiter/Zeus in the Lincoln Memorial Temple to Zeus replica.

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