Jayhawks’ Silvio De Sousa suspended 12 games by Big-12 for January 21, 2020 brawl


A 12-game suspension for the Big 12 star?  Numbers.

Keep in mind 12 is the reflection of 21, and this game and brawl occurred on the 21st of January, with Kansas winning by 21-points.  Of course, 21 connects to the Gematria of ‘De Sousa’.

The score of the game was 81-60, thus 141 total points.

*Ritual = 81

I would argue this is more ritual shaming of black men, coming on a date with 42 numerology.

1/21/20 = 1+21+20 = 42a

Notice the full name Silvio De Sousa sums to 181, the 42nd prime.

All of the media is showing him swinging the ‘chair’.

And his 22 is front and center.

And notice the Jayhawks put up 39 in the first half, and 42 in the second.

*In light of his #22 jersey, and this fight being between Kansas and Kansas State, keep in mind the Super Bowl is coming up on 2/2, and the Kansas City Chiefs (out of Missouri), will be playing in it as the favorites.

*And for one last point, ‘brawl’ sums to 79, the 22nd prime.

Again, the fight was Kansas vs. Kansas State.


De Sousa has an October 7 birthday, the day leaving 85-days left in the year.  Basketball = 85

The incident came on his 107th day of his age.  107, 28th prime; Wildcats = 28