Jericho, Ancient Energy Weapons and The Fall of the Georgia Guidestones

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The Georgia Guidestones were a centerpiece of mystery and prognostication about the future of the world for over forty years.

Discussion of the more negative aspects of the messages contained on the stones was relegated to the realm of “conspiracy” even though the Guidestones spelled them out, and even though – over time – a lot of what their messages were pointing to were seemingly coming to fruition.

There are multiple angles to the creation of such a historic and significant structure: countless works have been done regarding their meaning and presence. there are also multiple angles to their ritual destruction.

I have discussed at length about how mythology and allegory are played out as modern day news events.

Another ritual element of the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones is the bringing down of the walls of the ancient city of Jericho – by Joshua – in Judeo-Christian lore.

The esoteric core of the Georgia Guidestones is the astrological Cardinal Cross – which is the cross on the 12 piece zodiacal pie chart – formed by the so-called Cardinal signs which are the signs that begin each season: Aries begins Spring: the Georgia Guidestones were opened in Aries, Cancer begins Summer: they were destroyed in Summer, Libra begins the Fall: the land on which they stood was purchased in Libra.

Capricorn begins the Winter.

The Cardinal Cross is known as St. George’s Cross; hence the monument in the state of GEORG-ia.

St. George’s Cross; the Cardinal Cross is depicted on the tarot card “JUDGEMENT” which depicts the arc angel Michael raising the dead with the power of the sound of a trumpet. This brings in an interesting double entendre regarding the word “RAISE/RAZE”.

Depending on how it is spelled, it has two polar opposite antithetical meanings: R.A.I.S.E. is “To move to a higher position; elevate: lift. To erect or build”.

R.A.Z.E. is “To level to the ground; demolish: destroy.”

In the tarot card Judgement Archangel Michael raises the dead with his trumpet.

In Biblical narrative the walls of Jericho were r.a.z.e. razed by trumpets.

The trumpet symbolism with the Cardinal Cross is at the esoteric root of the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones. The trumpet razed the guide stones as they did the walls of Jericho.

This seems to have been in the cards so to speak: The Book of Joshua Chapter 6 verse 4:

7 priests blew 7 trumpets.

On the 7th day they circumambulated the city of Jericho 7 times, so 7-7 key to the destruction of the walls of Jericho.

The Georgia Guidestones were off Georgia State Route 77, in fact they were between Route 77 and Guidestone Road.

In gematria “Guidestone Road” has a value of 77 in the Reverse Pythagorean cipher.

So the 7 priests with 7 trumpets circumambulated Jericho 7 times on the 7th day.

The Georgia Guidestones were between – essentially – roads 77 and 77.

G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. The initials of Georgia Guidestones, G.G. is a 7-7.

The Georgia politician who amazingly campaigned in the Republican Gubernatorial primary on the removal of the Georgia Guidestones is Kandiss Taylor. Her first name ‘Kandiss’ sums to 77.

There is heavy Jesus coding: The Cardinal Cross is the Solar Cross. Rome who institutionalized the Christian religion made Jesus a metaphor for the Sun, which dies at the Winter Solstice. The Guidestones are attributed to R.C. Christian. The spokesman for the Guidestones site is CHRIST-opher Kubas Executive Vice President of the Elberton Granite Association.

Jesus is a name created by Rome. In Hebrew his name Yeshua translates to Joshua, the same name as the leader who brought down the walls of Jericho. “CHRIST” sums to 77 in gematria.

The Georgia Guidestones came down on the 6th of July, a date written 6-7.

They were off “Guidestone Road” which has a value of 67 in Pythagorean or Full Reduction gematria.

The trumpets used in the narrative of Joshua were not like a modern musical trumpet as depicted on the JUDGEMENT tarot card; they were ram’s horn trumpets called SHOFAR.

In gematria “SHOFAR” has a value of 67 like the date 6th July that the Guidestones came tumbling down. Like the gematria of “Guidestone Road”.

The date is said to be July 6th in the United States; written 7-6. In Reverse Simple a.k.a. Reverse Ordinal gematria “TRUMPET” has a value of 76.

The angel blowing the trumpet on the Judgement tarot card is the Archangel “MICHAEL” who is associated with the element of fire. In the Agrippa/Jewish/Latin cipher of English gematria “MICHAEL” has a value of 76, like the date July 6th.

The ram’s horns are appropriate since the ram is a symbol of the Cardinal sign of Aries which the Guidestones were opened under.

The trumpets were not the only force purported to have brought down the walls of Jericho.

The Ark of the Covenant is also said to have been used by Joshua’s army, as it had powers of destruction, as stated in the Book of Joshua chapter 6 verse 6:

The Georgia Guidestones came down on a day – July 6th – that left 178 days in the tear.

In the simplest cipher of English gematria “ARK OF THE COVENANT” has a value of 178.

In ancient times, and in fact before very recent modern times, the concept of advanced energy weapons was incomprehensible. There is plenty of evidence around the world of the presence of inexplicable forms of high technology in ancient times. If indeed the Ark of the Covenant was an energy weapon they simply would not have had the technological vocabulary to describe it as such. But today in English we do:

“ENERGY WEAPON” has a value of 67, like the date 6th July that the stones came tumbling down.

Along with the Christ symbolism, which is related to the Solar Cross which is the Cardinal Cross, St. George’s Cross: The Georgia Guidestones were a calendar and a clock as well, based on the positions of the Sun in the sky.

The Georgia Guidestones were off Route 77 which is Hartwell Highway.

“Heartwell Highway” in the Agrippa/Latin/Jewish cipher of English gematria is 2467 in value.

2467 is the 365th prime number. 365 is a Sun-calendar reference since that is the number of days that it takes the Earth to complete one full revolution around the Sun.

Also “JOSHUA” has a value of 20. The Judgement card in number 20 (xx)

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