Jerome Powell confirms he aims to sink the economy “to fight inflation,” March 7, 2023

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This website has excellent quotes regarding to the dangers of a central bank.

If you listened to Jerome Powell today, March 7, 2023, he talked about the need to slow down the economy to stop inflation. And while answering the questions of Senators, he confirmed that means slowing down the housing market, business loans, and creating the need to layoff workers.

Seriously, think about that.

Of course, the real cause of inflation is the printing of money during Covid-19, which is irreversible, and the rising energy costs due to market manipulation blamed on Russia’s war with Ukraine. If we would just take care of the expensive cost of diesel prices would come down, period. Destroying the economy is not the way to solve inflation.

Then again, as we know, the Jesuit controlled Federal Reserve, and the very Jesuit agenda 2030, is the real reason for all of these financial shenanigans.

Also, for the record, Powell gave this address on the 32nd day of his age.
America = 32

Tomorrow he will be speak again, on the 33rd day of his age.
Federal = 33

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