Jerry Springer, the 56th Mayor of Cincinnati & his February 13 birthday in light of Super Bowl 56 falling on it with his hometown “Queen City” Bengals in it

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Super Bowl 56 will fall on the 56th Mayor of Cincinnati’s birthday. And notice he was born in London, similar to how the last time the Bengals and Rams played, it was in London, October 27, 2019.
Jerry Springer = 83 / 79
Football = 83

Society of Jesus = 56 / 79 / 83
-Yeshua = 79 / 83

As we have been covering, this is all synced with Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family because Cincinnati is the “Queen City.”
Royal Family = 56
All Seeing Eye = 56
Mind Control = 56
-Think of Jerry Springer’s trash TV show (and how many watched it)

As for his full name, it goes with Elizabeth being born on the 111th day of the year.
Gerald Norman Springer = 111

Keep in mind Super Bowl 56 is the 52nd of the modern era.
Springer = 52

And finally, Jerry Springer will turn 78-years-old the day of Super Bowl 56.
Joseph Lee Burrow = 78
Jesuit = 78

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