Jessica Pegula and the August 12, 2023 upset of Iga Swiatek (despite Cotton Eye Joe interruption)

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It was August 12 that the world heard the story of ‘Cotton Eye Joe‘ at the tennis match…

That happened on August 12, or 12/8, like 128. Guess the gematria of ‘Jessica Pegula?’

The single for Cotton Eye Joe released on August 12, 1994, 29-years ago, the year Jessica Pegula was born.

It is 29-years-later.

The song Cotton Eye Joe (Cotton Eyed Joe) has history with the United States and Canada.

*This narrative could transfer to Wimbledon in the future. The Canada and the United States are territories relating to the Royal Family
*Canadian Open = Wimbledon

The upset was August 12, 2023, 24 weeks and 1-day after her last birthday (born Feb. 24, 1994).
Canada = 24

In light of the 169 days, she plays for the United States.
USA, 13 stripes, 13 colonies, 13 years (K-12)
169, square root of 13 (13×13=169)

Think of this nation’s birthday, the fourth day of the seventh month.

The Synagogue of Satan = 223 (It is 2023)
Society of Jesus = 79
What is 47?

And as for the song coming out in ’94, that was a big year for Senator Joe Biden, who got his crime bill passed in 1994. It lead to mass incarceration. And now a surveillance state is being built for all of the United States at this moment in history.
President = 47
White House = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
Republican = 47
Democrat = 47
DC = 47
*Time = 47
*News = 47

Recall how the first President’s Day for Joe Biden, #46, fell on 15th of February, 15/2, the 46th day of the year, in 2021?

Cotton Eye Joe = 172
Ad maiorem dei Gloriam = 172
The recent 172 ritual with Hunter Biden
-And him driving “172 MPH”

This happened on the 266th day of Joe Biden’s age, in the time of the 266th Pope.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266 (Jesuit motto)
Pope Francis is first Jesuit Pope
-Biden was elected #46, 46 weeks after Pope’s birthday
-Catholic = 46

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