Jill Biden tests positive for Covid-19 on September 5, 2023, on her 95th day of her age (Event 201 & Military World Games reminders) (and the fateful history of Joe Biden and 72)

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9:03 AM *Order of Illuminati = 93 & 201

This September 5, or 9/5, falls on Tuesday.
Tuesday = 95

This date can also be written 5/9, and Biden was the 59th US Presidential Election. He also has 46 in common with JFK, where JFK was murdered at that age.
John F. Kennedy = 59
Pope Francis = 59

Anyhow, today is Jill Biden’s 95th day of her age, on 9/5.

Her birthday is June 3, or 6/3 (JFK in ’63)

The Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses.

They were recognized by Rome on the day leaving 95 days in the year, September 27, 1540.

Remember, Event 201, the day of the Military World Games in Wuhan China, games that began in Italy, in ‘95 (the land of the Vatican and the Jesuits). *The Jesuit Order = 201

As you know, Joe Biden’s wife, daugther and son all died in VERY CLEAR 201 rituals, synced with the Popes at both times, in ’72, and when he was 72. *Jesuit Order = 72 *President Biden = 72

And, Jill Biden is 72 right now…

Joe Biden is from the Jesuit town of Scranton, PA.
The University of Scranton = 320, 301, 130, 113
-Roman Catholic Church = 320 (Christmas since 320 AD)
-31, 11th prime (Jesus = 11)
-Washington = 130
-Nov. 3, or 11/3, the date Joe Biden “won”

The Office ran 201 episodes (set in Scranton, PA).

Remember, he won with a record 81 million votes, and Interstate 81 goes through Scranton.
President Biden = 81 (Ritual = 81 & 81)

I-89 was constructed in ’59, and Joe Biden won the 59th US Presidential Election. That was the same year Hawaii became a state, August 21, 1959.
59, 17th prime
RFK was 17 when Biden was born (same birthday)
Biden was 17 when Hawaii began in state in 1959.. (same year as I-81)

The Hawaii Gov. Josh Green is from Pennsylvania.

*Today’s date can be written 5/9 as well

And when Biden “won,” recall how it was synced with Mr. 59, Pope Francis, becoming #46, 46 weeks after his birthday.
Pope Francis = 59
John F. Kennedy = 59
Catholic = 46
-JFK killed at 46

Interstate-81 is an International Route, like the New World Order.


Today is 76 days before Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, November 20, 2023. You know what happened in ’76, the Illuminati was born, then so was America, 64 days later.
Joe Biden = 64 (In Hawaii for state’s 64th birtdhay)
Intl. Chess Day from Paris, home of the Jesuits (on 201st day of the year)

It is also a span of 77 days, and DC is on the 77th Meridian West. And Biden has been married to Jill since ’77… go figure.
Jill Biden = 77
United States = 77

Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden = 77

She has been married to Biden since ’77.

And they had their first and only child, Ashley, in ’81.

It goes with today being the 81st day of their current marriage year (Married June 17, 1977)

It is also 80 days later, while Biden is 80 *Bavarian Illuminati = 80
Today is the 248th day of the year (and the Illuminati will turn 248 May 1, 2024)

It goes with his competitor, another Jesuit, who went to Fordham.

JFK met with the Pope on 7/2, before his November 22 death (in ’63).

It also goes with it being 46 years since they were married, meaning they’re in the 47th year.

Remember, Beau Biden, dead at 46, May 30, 2015, 201 days before the Pope’s birthday, the first Jesuit Pope, and the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
Leo Jeremiah O’Donovan = 201

For one more, today is 137 weeks into his “presidency.”

The 959 days is interesting on the date 9/5 or 5/9 as well (like 95 and 59).

137, 33rd prime
Federal = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33
Bible = 33
-*Corona = 33

*G-20 began September 26, 1999, a date with 153 numerology.
Jesuit Order = 153
The Illuminati = 153
Holy Bible = 153

It goes with the Illuminati being 247 years old, and Jill Biden testing positive on the 247th day of the year, September 4, 2023. *Coronavirus Pandemic = 94 *Roman Catholic Church = 247

September 4 was also the 80th day of their marriage age, while Joe is 80.
Bavarian Illuminati = 80

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