JJ Rice, US-born Tongan kitefoiler, dead at 18, June 17, 2024 news (and the 2024 Summer Olympics)

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Notice he is dead at 18, and he is US born, but grew up in Tonga, and was going to represent their Olympic team. Funny enough, Tonga is made up of 171 islands.

Again, 171 is the 18th triangular number, and he is dead at 18.

It goes with Jerry Alan West, who went 1-8 in NBA Championship series, dying in the NBA Finals while Boston is in pursuit of their 18th championship. Again, Jerry West went to West Virginia, like Joe Mazzula, the coach of the Celitcs, and Jerry West died 18 days before Joe Mazzul’as birthday.

Notice Kitefoiler equates to 61, the 18th prime number.

Finals=61 *Michael Jordan is age 61 right now

The word ‘Tongan’ also goes with ‘Celtics’ and what they did to Bill Walton.

Last night the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the series 2-1, outscoring the Yankees 18-15, after losing Game 1 of the series 1-8.

Also, in light of the ongoing JFK parallels… and the 107 and 44 tributes thus far in the Finals…
JJ Rice=44 & 107 *John Fitzgerald Kennedy=107 (44th term US President)
Shooting=44 & 107

And notice, the Olympics will end on August 11, or 11/8, like 118, 55 days after the news of his death.

It’s also a span of 56 days. *Kitefoiler=56

And keep in mind the Mavericks are on 118 wins in the Playoffs, similar to the 11/8 date the Olympics end.

Cancer=118 (Bill Walton dead at 71) *Celtics=71 & 118

And notice his full name, Jackson James Rice equates to ‘Boston Celtics’ and ‘Robert Kennedy.’ Again, the Celtics won the Finals in ’68, the year he died on June 6, and this year the Finals began on his death anniversary (the 56th anniversary).

For one last point, he died June 15, 57 days before August 11, the conclusion to the games.

That means the Olympics start 41 days after his death, on July 26.

Boston has a chance to close the NBA Finals on June 17, or 6/17, for the (617) area code. The Celtics won the Finals on this date June 17, 2024. They would win the series 4-1 (USA=41).

Dirk Nowitzki, #41, who won the Finals for the Mavs, is 45. He will be 46 in Game 6.

He won the championship for Dallas 13 years ago, 2011.
41, 13th prime *Dallas=13 & 41

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