Joe Biden’s reaction to 9/11 was ‘Jill, what is it?’ (Or was it?)

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Notice the 152 encoded in the emphasized phrase, ‘Jill, what is it?’

Recall, President’s Day fell on 15/2, February 15, the 46th day of the year, after the selection of Joe Biden as #46.

Keep in mind he is from Pennsylvania, and now lives on Pennsylvania Ave.

Don’t forget Flight 93 in Pennsylvania either.

And don’t forget Joe’s offed his wife, daughter and son.


Guess where Joe Biden is on the 9/11 anniversary…

Shanksville, PA = 76 / 149 / 202
Skull and Bones = 76 / 149 / 202


  1. Keenan on September 10, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    Remember Trump was the 1st president in 152 years to skip his successor’s inauguration!

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