Joe Biden’s six-step strategy to deal with Covid, September 9, 2021, by the numbers

Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Pharmaceutical Tyranny Religion

After 18 months of standing 6-feet apart, now we have Biden’s 6 point plan. Go figure it comes on 9/9. What happens when you turn 9 upside down?

650k? Pandemic = 65

This ritual came 293 days after Biden’s 78th birthday.
Coronavirus Pandemic = 293
Jesuit = 78

It also comes 72 days before his upcoming 79th birthday.
President Biden = 72
Jesuit Order = 72
Society of Jesus = 79

If you count the span, this was the beginning of Joe Biden’s 42nd week of his age.
Vaccine = 42

This was also his 233rd day as POTUS.
233, 51st prime
Federal = 51
Rome = 51


  1. CJ Cheifer on September 10, 2021 at 10:59 am

    I remember when you said Biden would die on 6-1-2021. I’m going to say you wouldn’t be wrong! There is a strong correlation between 6-1-2021 and yesterday’s 100 employee vaccine mandate. Yesterday, 9-9-2021, was exactly 100 days from 6-1-21. There’s a pastor named Dana Coverstone who got very YouTube famous really quickly last year because of a dream he had about a certain someone (he wouldn’t specify Joe Biden, but everyone knew who he was talking about), dying on December 17th. Well, 12-17-21, is exactly 100 days from yesterday, 9-9-21. If you put those dates into a pythagorean-style format (inverted triangle), all these dates are opposite each other, so it’s as if 6-1 IS 12-17 if 9-9 is the bottom point. Fold the triangle in half and the 12-17 and 6-1 are on top of each other, with 9-9 still at the top and a right angle is created.

    In fact, if you add up 6+1=7; 12+17=29=2+9=11=1+1=2; and 9+9=18=1+8=9, you get 729 (9-27 & 7-29 are important dates), which is, in essence, 9 & 9 (which is 18, and then 1+8=9). This tells me the commonality between all 3 dates is going to intersect at the one that =9, which is the 9-9. So, if he dies on 12-17, which would be the 28882 day of his age, it is the same as if he died on 6-1-21. Also, since Ulysses S. Grant was the final president (at #18) with the real Constitution, and the 1st CEO of USA, Inc., and Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms, this makes Biden the 28th CEO of USA, Inc. If he dies on that day, calculating the end date, he will have been 79 years and 28 days old. Numbers, or dates more likely, are mirrors.

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