Joe Bonsall Jr. of The Oak Ridge Boys, dead July 9, 2024

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Joe Bonsall Jr. is dead on July 9, 2024, the 191st day of the year. *Joe Bonsall Jr.=191

He is dead on 7/9. *The Oak Ridge Boys=79

Notice where ‘Society of Jesus’ equates with 191 & 79.

And to take it further, *Joe Bonsall Jr=74 & 43 *Jesus Christ=74 & 43

Also… *The Oak Ridge Boys=74

Also… *Jesus=74 *Cross=74 *Messiah=74 *Gospel=74 *Parables=74

And keep in mind that the number 191 is the 43rd prime.

The group was founded in ’43. *Oak Ridge=43 *RIP=43

He is dead 52 days after his birthday.

He is dead 9 years after being entered into the Country Music Hall of Fame on the 9th.

He is dead exactly a span of 27 weeks from his retirement from touring. *Ritual=27

There are 27 books in the New Testament.

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