Joe Rogan “predicts” Gavin Newsom will become the Democratic nominee, replacing Joe Biden, February 20, 2024, by the numbers

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This prediction comes 133 days after Gavin Newsom’s birthday.
President=133, White House=133, Government=133

This prediction comes while both men are 56.
Gavin Newsom=56, Society of Jesus=56, Washington DC=56

This news comes on February 20, the 51st day of the year.
Joe=51, Federal=51

This news comes 193 days after Joe Rogan’s birthday.
Roman Catholic Church=193

This news comes 259 days before the election.
Roman Catholicism=259


  1. jsalaam1970 on February 21, 2024 at 9:34 pm

    HIV/AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent dies February 20, 2024 at age 39.

    Hydeia Briadbent = 133 ordinal
    HIV = 39 ordinal

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