Joe West sets MLB umpire record for most games worked, May 25, 2021, 54 days after 2021 season begins

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Do you know what the magic of this moment is? It comes 54 days after the MLB season began, and the 145th day of the year. Those numbers go right back to the rulers.
Jesuit Order = 54
Catholic = 145
-Joseph Henry West = 69 / 75 *Catholic Church = 69 / 75

The season began April 1, 2021.

-54 outs in a game
-18 half innings
-162 games in a season

Keep in mind this record comes in ’21. *Jesuit = 21

And it comes on the 25th, going with ‘Joe West’.

97, 25th prime number
*Bill Belichick = 97 (Won Super Bowl in 97th season with 25 points come back on 2/5)

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