Joey Badass models new Brooklyn Nets jersey, November 10, 2020

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Barclays Center = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

Joey Badass was the beneficiary of the death of Capital Steez, Mr. 47, and notice him modeling this #47 Jersey for the Nets, a franchise that paid huge respect to the dead rapper Notorious BIG while Jay-Z and Puff Daddy were 47 years old:

Furthermore, notice this was posted on a date with 61 numerology, and posted at 8:06 AM. I mention this detail because the NBA Finals were coined in ’86, a fateful year for Len Bias.

11/10/2020 = 11+10+20+20 = 61

Finals = 25 / 61 / 101

Joey Badass = 61/101 *Joey Badass is 25 at the time of the post


  1. CJ Cheifer on November 30, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    Ok, so I caught something… Joey Badass has this 61 theme, right? His birthday this year making him 25 can be quantified 1+20+20+20 = 61 = 7. 1+20+2020 = 2041 = 20+41= 61=7, or 2+0+4+1=7. And, 1+2+2+2=7. Because all three date calculation combinations came to 7, you can calculate 7 to the 3rd power (7x7x7), which = 343. 1-20-2021 is Inauguration Day and it can be written 20-1-2021… see the 201 there? Also, 47 is 74 reversed. Trump is 74. Actually, Joey Badass isn’t really “Badass,” it’s Bada$$, which means in Gematria, the symbols don’t count. So, when you type in Joey Bada in The Gematrinator, guess what comes up in Satanic? 343!!!! And Reverse Satanic? 433!!!! He also goes by Joey B, which in English Extended is 777 (7x7x7 =343 and 7+7+7=21). 3+4+3= 10 (and he’s 25… 2×5=10). Also, 4+7=11, so the jersey he displayed on 11-10 was perfectly planned. One last stage name for him is Jozif Badmon. In English Ordinal, it’s 115 (Remember, remember the fifth of November). Also that stage name has numerous 52’s (reverse 25), most importantly in Full Reduction. Also, in Chaldean, the number 47 comes up.

    Also, Brooklyn Nets is 62 in single reduction, and is 1020 in English Sumerian (more 201 code there), which I believe is the most important cipher (the 6’s cipher) in Gematria, because it flip flops with the 8’s cipher, which isn’t in the Gematrinator for some reason. The Antichrist number is 888, the Beast’s number is 666. On Joey Bada$$’s next birthday he’ll be 26 (62 reversed) and 1+20+20+21=62=8. 1+20+2021= 2042=20+42=62=8. And, lastly, 1+2+2+2+1=8. 8 to the third power (8x8x8) is 512. I’m wondering if something in relation to this is going to happen on December 5th, written in Europe as 5-12. 5+1+2 also =8. He was born in Brooklyn, NY too, that’s another reason why they picked him. And Brooklyn New York in English Ordinal us 223 (322, or 3-22’s, or 22,22,22, which is not only the Freemason special number, but it’s a precursor to this vaccine we’re about to take that will add one extra strand of DNA, making us 22+22+22, chromosomes instead of 22+22 chromosomes).

    I’m convinced this gentleman sold his soul to The Chairman or whomever the faceless dude in the black suit and tie with the briefcase is. It almost seems that if a person wants to stay alive as a rapper, their name has to have good Gematria. – Soup with C.J.

  2. GG1K on December 11, 2020 at 5:40 am

    Hey, Zach check out Nike X Ambush collection releasing today. The only 2 teams featured for the clothing is Lakers and Nets.

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