John Carroll S.J., another 56 / 79

History Jesuit

Jesuits abbreviate the end of their names, S.J., for Society of Jesus.

It’s amazing how perfect that works out with John Carroll, who founded the first Jesuit University in the U.S. in Washington D.C., January 23, 1789. *Washington D.C. = 56


  1. GTAuburn on October 9, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    Georgetown was established on the 23rd day of the year.

    The difference between 56 and 79 is 23.

    Written as they would be in the US then the 5/6 and 7/9 dates are May 6 and Jul 9. These days are 2 months 3 days apart.

    The 79th day of the year most years is Mar 20 which can be written as 20/3.

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