John Hancock’s death at 56, after being the first of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 221 days after Pope Pius VI’s birthday

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Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 / 266 *Constitution Gardens = 85 / 266

The most famous of the 56 signers is the first, JOHN HANCOCK. And do you know what age he died at? Yes, it was 56.

Adding insult to injury, he died October 8, the day leaving 84 days in the year. It reminds a bit of Ignatius of Loyola dying in 1556, 84 days from his own birthday.

Fitting in is the gematria of ‘Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., equating to 201.

And for one last thought, notice how John Hancock equates to 102 (as well as 48 and 195), just like ‘Declaration’.

Keep in mind August 2 can be written 2/8, like 28, and the surname ‘Hancock’ equates to 28 in the most pure cipher.

And better yet, it was 221 days after the Pope’s birthday.

This bring more clarity to the “56” signers.

Keep in mind, the only Catholic signer, Charles Carroll, died 56 days after his 95th birthday, and we know about the Jesuits, 56 and 95:

Of course, the Bavarian Illuminati had just been established May 1, 1776, by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt — and the Jesuits serve the Pope.

That was the 122nd day of the leap year, and all of this synced with Pope Pius VI’s 58th birthday, his age at the time.

May 1st, or 5/1, like 51…

*Illuminati = 48 *John Hancock = 48 *Declaration = 48

From May 1, 1776 to August 2, 1776 was 93 days later, or a span of 94.


  1. danbeartrap on December 16, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    George Walton=56
    Walton was the 56th signer.
    Charles Carroll III was also the last signer to die, meaning he was the 56th person of the 56 to die. Carrol died 56 years after signing it.

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