John Wysocki, Staind’s drummer, dead at 53, Saturday, May 18, 2024

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John Wysocki is dead at 53. *John Wysocki=53

He died Saturday, May 18, 2024, 122 days after his birthday. *Satanic=122

He died 10 days after the Break the Cycle anniversary and 35 days after Aaron Lewis birthday.
Satan=10 & 35
-55 is the 10th triangular number and 10th Fibonacci Number
Break the Cycle=55 *Satan=55

Aaron Lewis just turned 52. *Pope=52 *Pope Francis=122 *Iesus Hominum Salvator=122

The death 35 days after his birthday fits the Catholic theme. *Catholic=35 *Svengali=35

Keep in mind he died on 18/5. *Catholicism=185

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