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Hip Hop Artists, especially rappers are some of the most abused people in our society. This month on November 5th, 2020 the rapper Brax died at age 21, on the “Jesuit Day”, November 5, 2020, Jesuit=21 FR. November 5th, 2020 left 56 days left in the year, Society of Jesus=56.  The very next day on November 6th, 2020 King Von was murdered in Atlanta. On November 10th, DJ Spinbad was reported dead, the very next day on 11/11/2020 Mo3 was murdered on I-35 in Dallas, Tx. The next day on 11/12/2020 Dr. Rose a Dallas area rapper/dentist was shot at his office. Dr. Rose is an exact match in all 4 base cyphers with the word “Murder”=79,34, 83, 38. Two days later on 11/14/2020 Lil Boosie was shot in the leg. On this very same day 11/14/2020, in the same state Texas, Benny The Butcher was shot in the leg. On 11/19/2020 “ACE NH” a rapper from Tampa, FL.  allegedly murdered two men he went to a homemade/backyard studio with, after a night of recoding he shot the two men. Ace, whose legal name is Billy Bennett Adams III=61 FR, 101 RFR, Jesus=61 RO, Jimboys Tacos=61 SR “were Bris a Sacramento rapper was found dead on 6/21/2020” it’s the 101st season of the NFL, this rapper is from Tampa, could this be a sign for Tom Brady?. On November 20, 2020 a date with 35 numerology, “Catholic”=35, “Rap”=35, “Svengali”, = 35 “Satan” = 35, “Baphomet” = 35, Benny The Butcher was shot at age 35, Mo3 was murdered on “I-35”, Love & Hip Hop star “Phresher”=97 EO, 38 RFR, “Death”= 38 EO, 97 RO revealed that he was “robbed”=35 RFR and attacked recently. .Phresher’s star began to rise in 2016 when he released his single “Wait a Minute”=46 FR, Sacrifice=46 FR, The robbery happened right after Joe Biden was selected to be the 46th President of the U.S, Lebron James is now 4-6 in NBA Finals, Chinx Drugz=46 RFR (another rapper from New York who was murdered by the numbers), aka “Phresher”=38 RFR, King Von=38, Rapper=38, Murder=38, Killing=38, R.I.P.=38, Death=38, Pop Smoke=38, Lil Yase=38 SR (The newest rapper dead from the Bay Area, he’s from “Sunnyvale, Ca”=38 FR). “Kashaun Rutling”=59 FR (The number stamped on black people and black history) (Phresher’s real name) In late 2017, he was featured on Eminem’s song “Chloraseptic” from his ninth studio album Revival, which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. Eminem=59 EO, The only rapper featured on Eminem’s first album the Slim Shady LP is Royce da 5’9. The Brooklyn, New York native Phreshner was also the only rapper featured on Eminem’s album, Revival. It came out on 12/15/2017, On 11/20/2020 Phresher was “robbed” exactly 153 weeks later, “Jesuit Order” =153 RO. In 2012, Phresher started to release singles, EPs, and music videos onto the internet, which saw minor success. He released his debut mixtape, Take It Personal, in 2015. In 2016, his single “Wait a Minute” was pitched to the YouTube global music team by The Young ‘N Grateful Group, becoming an instant success. Following “Wait a Minute” receiving several million views, the video caught the attention of rapper 50 Cent=42 EO (The other number stamped on black history), who later appeared on a remix of the song along with rapper Remy Ma. The song appeared as a bonus cut on the DJ Whoo Kid mixtape Lost Flash Drive and released on G-Unit Records. Rapper Royce da 5’9″ also put forth a freestyle remix over “Wait a Minute.” Following Royce promoting the remix via social media, Eminem made a notable mention of the freestyle. Eminem’s heavy revere as to Royce’s word play ultimately led the Detroit rapper to become interested in Phresher.

In a Thanksgiving post on Instagram, Phresher, who starred on Love & Hip Hop New York, wrote that he was the victim of a robbery and assault and was almost kidnapped. He posted a picture of him in the hospital with a swollen, bruised eye with the caption: Last Friday I put my family, friends and team through a Real Scare.

“I was robbed at “gunpoint”=116 EO, 44 FR, “execution”=116 EO, 44 FR, “kill”=44 EO, “african american”=116 EO “The Young ‘N Grateful Group”=116 FR (the group that helped his song wait a minute blow up) … gun butted and almost kidnapped. They took my car, money, jewelry but they couldn’t take my spirit. I’M STILL HERE and for that I am grateful to be able to tell you this because things could have been different”.

Lil Yase

Bay Area rapper Lil Yase was reportedly shot and killed on Saturday morning (November 28, 2020) adding to the growing list of rappers who have been gunned down in 2020. The body of 25-year-old Lil Yase (whose real name was “Mark Antony Alexander”=311 RO, 311 is the 64th prime number), Kill=64 RO, was found in the southern section of the East Bay. The puzzling thing is Lil Yase is said to have told his friends he would be “right back”=79, 43, 164, 56 during a Friday late-night studio session in Marin County, a region north of San Francisco. It’s a twenty minute drive to Richmond, Ca where Tay Way was murdered on 9/18/2020, 2 months and ten days from the day Yase was killed, kind of like “21”, “Jesuit”=21 FR, “Bris”=21 FR a rapper from Sacramento, Ca who was murdered on 6/21/2020, From the day Bris was murdered until Tay Way’s death is 2 months and 28 days, like 228. Death=228 (English Sumerian). From the day Tay Way was murdered until Yase’s death is 71 days, African American=71 FR, Catholic=71 EO. Bris and Tay Way both died on a dates with numerology of 67, 31, and 47. Blood Sacrifice=67 FR, Human Sacrifice=67 FR, Yase died on a date numerology of 79, Murder=79 EO. Bris had 38,000 subscribers on YouTube at the time of his death.  Lil Yase’s new upcoming EP “Everyday Is Friday”!=88 FR, Rapper=88 RO, Program=88 EO, (the Jesuits want to “program” people to think young black men are violent and killing each other over street beef, when it’s really them responsible) a collaborative effort with fellow San Fran rapper “Itsfatfat”=102 EO, 30 FR, 60 RFR, Nigger=60 EO, 102 RO, 30 RFR, Slavery=102 EO, 30=FR was just announced, recently.

Lil Yase=83, 29, 106, 43. Murder=83 RO, The song murder by numbers came out in 1983, by the band The Police. “Black”, “Black Lives Matter”, “I Can’t Breathe all equal 106, just like Lil Yase. Yase an up-and-coming Bay Area rapper was shot and killed this weekend in what amounts to a “mysterious murder”=81 FR, Ritual=81 EO, RO with no explanation thus far.

Sources close to Yase was shot early Saturday morning, and his body was discovered somewhere in the southern section of the East Bay, which is miles away from where he was last seen.

Yase was hanging out with his crew late Friday night at a recording studio in “Marin County”=153, 54, 144, “Jesuit Order”=144, 54, 153 slightly north of San Francisco — and left on his own at one point around 11:30, telling his buddies he’d be right back.

Mainstream=113, Dishonest=113, Not True=113, Not Factual = 113, Not Honest = 113, Infidelity = 113
Perjury = 113, Disinfo = 113
Green Screen = 113, Fiction = 113, Bullshit = 113

An hour and a half later (kind of like another 113) word came in that Yase had been shot dead somewhere in the East Bay, folks in Yase’s inner circle are dumbfounded — as he had no known enemies and had done nothing they can see leading to something like this. Yase might’ve played tough in his music, but in reality all he was really about was rapping and promoting his label (Highway 420 Productions) (like 42 the number stamped on black people) and labelmates, and gaming. That’s it, he had no beef with anyone anywhere, we’re told. Yase started releasing music as young as 18 years old, but truly burst onto the scene with his single “Get It In=84 EO” “Jesuit”=84, “United States of America”=84, “Tampa”=84 RO, Tampa is where the rapper “Ace NH” just killed two people. in 2015 — which he went on to create a remix of that garnered even more national attention the following year. He released a string of hits that racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube over the years, Lil Yase,  a “Sunnydale”=115 EO, 34 FR. “Killing”=115 RO, “Murder”=34 FR, “Rapper”=34 RFR. Yase was only 25 years old. Death=25 RFR. He died on 11/28/2020 a date with 79 date numerology. Murder=79, From the date of Yase’s last which dropped on 9/11/20 until 11/28/2020 is 79 days. The name of the album is called Yase & Nemz=108, 36, 108, 36, Geometry=108, 45, 108, 36. A match in 3 out of 4 base cyphers. The album before that was called “Kobe”. I mentioned on March 6th, 2020 when we predicted the King Von death on “Gematria Effect Sports” that we would be talking about Kobe all year, well here we are at the end of 2020 and were still talking about Kobe. The “Kobe” album by Lil Yase was released on 7/7/2020 a date with 54 date numerology. Jesuit Order=54 FR. From Yase’s birthday on 5/19/2020 until he was murdered is 193 days, the 44th prime number. Kill=44 EO, Shooting=44 FR, Execution=44 FR, East Bay=44 RFR (where his body was found). Sunnyvale, Ca”=38 FR, Rapper=38 FR, Murder=38 RFR.  

Bris who’s real name is Christopher Treadwell=104 FR, Baby Jesus=104 EO (Dababy’s rap name before he changed it), Roman Catholic Church=104  was a rapper who was gunned down on 6/21/20 in a crashed car outside a Jimboy’s Taco in Sacramento, Ca, said the following in his own words.

In an undated interview with The Rap Shack, Treadwell claimed the Fruitridge area in Sacramento as his home turf. “We got our own style,” he told the interviewer.

Treadwell added that, though he rapped for years, he only began taking it seriously two years earlier. He described rapping as his dream, but one that choose him and extracted a cost from those who expressed themselves honestly. “It’s cool, it just brings a lot of attention,” he reflected. “Drama, this shit bring a lot of drama.” Treadwell said prosecutors once used a gun’s appearance in one of his music videos to send him to jail. He also criticized the police shooting of Stephon Clark and indicated that he didn’t see his profession as one to aspire to. Shaking his head, Treadwell said, “I pray to get out this shit. This shit ain’t what it seem.” It’s interesting that for someone who has only been taking rap serious for 2 years that he would be so “eager” to get of the game. It’s as if he knew that something, some drama was about to happen. It’s also interesting to note that he mentions that the “rap game” choose him, almost like he doesn’t even want to be a rapper.

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