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Tripple Beanz/Brothers

Emerging New Jersey rapper “Tripple Beanz”=144 EO, “Jesuit Order”=144 EO, was fatally killed in a Newark, New Jersey shooting on November 27, 2020, this day leaves 34 days left in the year, Murder=34 FR, Rapper=34 RFR, Jesus=34 RFR, Church=34 FR. The 29-year-old was walking to his parked car when a pair of masked gunmen shot him multiple times from close range in a brutal execution before running off. He was 29 years old. Shooting=109 RO, 109 is the 29th prime number. Beanz, born Corey Thompson is best known for his gritty Fetty Wap collaboration “Let’s Get It.” Fetty Wap is currently 29 years old. Fetty Wap was born on June 7th, kind of like 67, Blood Sacrifice=67 FR, Human Sacrifice=67 FR, King=67 RO, Police Officer=67 RFR. From the day it was reported that Fetty Wap’s brother was killed on 10/16/20 until Beanz was killed is 1 month and 11 days, kind of like 111, recall Mo3 was killed on 11/11/20 for another 111 ritual. 1 month and 11 days is, exactly 42 days. 42 is the number stamped on black people and black history, Slavery=42, Nigger=42, Beanz was killed on a date with 42 numerology. New Jersey=83 RFR, Murder=83 RO. The song murder by numbers came out in 1983, by the band “The Police” =93 EO. Five out of the six songs he has out feature “Gunplay” =93 RO, Gunplay is a rapper from Miami. Miami=27, 90, 36, Newark=27, 90, 36. Beanz was killed by “Gunplay”, not the rapper but a gun took him out. The last track Beanz came out with is called “Dumb Shit” =96 EO, 33 FR, “Gunplay”= 96 EO,  33 FR, 30 RFR, “Police”=33 FR, 102 RO, 30 RFR. Dumb Shit came out on 10/2/2020, kind of like 102, Slavery=102 EO, 30 FR. Beanz murder was caught on security camera. Security Camera=62 FR, Sacrifice=62 RFR, Torah=62 EO, Elohim=62 EO, Garden of Eden=62 FR. The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that Thompson was pronounced dead along the 300 block of “Avon Avenue”=51 RFR, Federal=51 EO, Conspiracy=51 FR, this news came out around the same time Casanova is facing federal charges. Casanova is a rapper signed to Roc Nation, a record label owned by Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s birthday is 12/4/2020 on this date he turned 51 years old, Masta Ace another rapper from Brooklyn his birthday is 12/4/1966, Masta Ace=54 RFR, and he just turned 54 years old. Essex County says Beanz died at 1:08 p.m. (but the security camera shows it’s approximately 1:20 pm when he gets shot) Illuminati=120 EO, 69 RFR, Corey Thompson=69 FR is Beanz real name. Essex County=44 FR, Kill 44 EO, The Instagram page for a recording studio frequented by Thompson, DFG Recording Studio, posted a tribute to the slain rapper. The post said that Thompson was attempting to turn his life around at the time of his death. It adds, “This was a man who worked and had so much talent. This whole thing is so f*****.” The tribute ends with the words, “We love you man and your legacy will forever live on through us and your music.” DFG counts Fetty Wap and Blac Youngsta among the recording artists who regularly record in their studios. DFG=17, 17, 64, 10, Kill=17 FR, 64 RO, God=17 FR, 10 RO, Rap=17 FR. Keep in my mind The names ‘Cain and Abel’=66 EO.

     Two of Blac Youngsta’s brothers were killed within a three year time frame. Fetty Wap lost his brother on 10/16/20. On 11/22/20 21 Savage’s brother was stabbed to death. On 11/23/20 NBA Youngboy’s brother was shot in the leg. On 11/3/20 DaBaby’s brother committed suicide. On 11/20/2020 Dababy released “My brother’s keeper” which equals 86 FR. Blood Sacrifice=86 RFR, Human Sacrifice=86, RFR. From 11/3/2020 the day his brother dropped dead until the release of his new EP on 11/20/2020 is 17 days. God=17 FR, Kill=17 FR, Rap=17 FR, 28 RFR, Rap=17 FR. Dababy is currently 28 years old.  Maxo Kream’s brother was shot and killed on 3/9/2020. Kream signed with Roc Nation (Jay-Z’s label), and his brother died on the anniversary of Notorious BIG’s death, which was March 9, 1997, emphasis on ’97. The death came March 9, 2020, the 97th day of Jay-Z’s age. Death=97 RO, Notorious=97 RO, Roc-A-Fella=97 RFR, Jay-Z’s label used to be called Roc-A-Fella Records. Maxo Kream’s brother’s rap name is Money Du, Money Du=97 EO. Maxo Kream is another rapper with the “38” stamped on his name. Maxo Kream=38, FR, Rapper=38 FR, Death=38 EO, Pop Smoke=38 FR, King Von=38 FR, Boosie was shot on his 38th birthday, Lil Wayne is now 38 years old and facing federal charges, Wayne has heaped praise on his “real friend”=56 FR Jay-Z for helping him pay his taxes during his legal battle with former mentor Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams. Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit against Birdman, officials at his Cash Money Records label, and parent firm Universal Music Group in 2015 over money he was allegedly owed for his long-delayed album, Tha Carter V. This story of Jay-Z helping Wayne, broke in late 2018 he helped him pay off his 7.72 million dollar debt to the IRS. Jay-Z is considered the king of hip hop which is why they make all these rappers kiss his ass, both Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have the last name Carter. When Jay-Z was twelve he shot his brother three times, but his brother survived the shooting.

     Maxo Kream is from Houston and he’s signed to Roc Nation, Speaking of Houston. Fat Pat was a well-recognized rapper hailing from Houston, Texas, one of the first rappers from that part of the States to really make a name for himself. Unfortunately, part of his claim to fame is due to his untimely death at the age of 27 on 2/3/1998. Ritual=27, he’s a member of the 27 club. Pat was born on 12/4/1970, exactly 1 year after Jay Z (12/4/1969) was born. Pimp C (claims Port Arthur close to Houston) died on 12/4/2007, Pimp C’s biggest feature on a song, and one of Jay-Z’s biggest songs is “Big Pimpin”=59 FR. Jay-Z is married to woman from Houston, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. At the Bet Hip Hop Awards in 2020 “Savage” Remix won song of the year. This is Megan Thee Stallion’s song a rapper from Houston, Beyonce is Featured on the song, “Savage” Remix Featuring Beyonce. Fat Pat’s younger brother, rapper Big Hawk, Big Hawk=38 RFR was also murdered on 5/1/2006 kind of like 51, Federal=51 EO, Conspiracy=51 FR, Jay-Z is currently 51 years old at the moment, Remember Lil Wayne filed a 51 million dollar law suit against Birdman. Waka Flocka’s brother was found dead on 12/29/2013. KayO Redd=83, 38, 133, 43, the younger brother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame, died on Dec. 29, 2013 of a gunshot wound. Investigators believe the injury was self-inflicted. Redd was 27, Ritual=27, he’s another member of the 27 club. His real name was Coades Scott=34 FR, Suicide=34 FR, Murder=34 FR, Big Hawk=34 FR one of the 2 Houston brothers that were killed. According to media reports, KayO Redd last communicated on social media the day he died, sending out a tweet about his mix tape called Redd Kisses=67 RFR, Blood Sacrifice=67 FR, Human Sacrifice=67 FR. Waka Flocka tweeted Dec. 29 that Redd had committed suicide. He later tweeted: “Ya Big Brother love you Kayo.”According to a spokesman for the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, a law enforcement agency south of Atlanta in the jurisdiction where Redd lived, said there was no evidence of foul play in the shooting. “His family was concerned about his mental status,” Sgt. Joey Smith said. “He lived in the same subdivision where Waka Flocka lived, but he had apparently left the house. They called the police.” Officers who responded found Redd dead of a gunshot wound lying in the street in the subdivision where he lived, Smith said. On Dec. 29, Debra Antney, the mother of Waka Flocka and KayO Redd, tweeted her grief: “I just lost another son.” A third son died in 2000 in a car accident. The death of Redd was the second devastating loss in as many years for Waka Flocka Flame. Two years ago, his best friend and fellow Brick Squad crew member, Slim Dunkin, was fatally shot. Antney is a manager who has worked with artists such as Nicki Minaj. Doe B a rapper from Montgomery, Alabama was killed on this exact same day 12/29/2013, Doe B=17 FR, Kill=17 FR, 64 RO, God=17 FR, 10 RO, Rap=17 FR his real name was Glenn Thomas, 22, he was fatally shot in a Montgomery, Ala. bar in the early hours of Dec. 29, 2013. 12/29/2013 was a date with 74, 47, and 20 date numerology and on this date 2 rappers died from a gunshot wound. Kid Cali and his brother were both killed. Kid Cali=49 EO, his brothers killer Lil Rampage=49 FR, Revelation=49 FR, was killed Aug. 20, 2016, at a pool party in Granada Hills. His brother, Miles Lishey, 31, of Inglewood, was shot to death Friday, July 5, 2019, in front of a “Smoke Shop” =121 EO, Revelation=121 EO, in LA’s Gramercy Park neighborhood. Kenny Birdine aka Lil Rampage 22, was convicted last Oct. 31 of first-degree murder for killing Justin Lishey and the jury found true allegations that he used a handgun in the killing and committed the crime in association with a criminal street gang, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said. Birdine was sentenced June 19 to 50 years to life in prison. Birdine also known as “Lil’ Rampage” — believed the victim was a rival gang member, but Lishey was not a documented gang member and did nothing to provoke the attack, according to Deputy District Attorney Amy Murphy. On 4/23/2013 Wilbrent Bain, who goes by the nickname “Gonk,” was shot and killed in Miami, he was Trina’s brother. In 1994 Trick Daddy’s brother Hollywood was shot and killed he was 23 years old.

     The brother of one of Baltimore’s most popular rapper’s was shot and killed in the city last night, according to local reports. The Baltimore Sun reports that Young Moose’s sibling, Kevin Evans, was the victim who was murdered in the Belair-Edison=59 FR, neighborhood just before 10:00 PM on May 17, 2016. Young Moose, born Kevron Evans, has had consistent problems during his rise to fame. In 2014, police raided his home and found 160 heroin gel caps.The Baltimore police used Young Moose’s rap videos to further bolster their case against him. In March of this year, a Baltimore judge acquitted Young Moose of all charges after a four day trial.Young Moose’s brother, father, mother and brother Kevin we’re also originally charged in the raid, but they were also acquitted of all charges. The rapper was arrested again, the same month during his trial and remains incarcerated on firearm and drug charges. The last incident occured just days before a high-profile show with Boosie Badazz, who signed Young Moose earlier this year. On September 26, 2009, Young M.A’s brother, Kenneth Ramos, was stabbed to death by his former friend. Young M.A missed school for a month due to depression and mourning, and later underwent therapy to deal with the tragedy. 

      On 9/7/2017 Dex Osama=44 RFR, Kill 44 EO, the 26-year-old rapper ascending to become the next big thing from Detroit after co-signs from both Meek Mill and DeJ Loaf, was killed in front of a Detroit strip club early Monday morning. Osama was shot in the chest outside of the Crazy Horse=51 RFR, following an altercation over a woman. He ran to a nearby gas station, asked an attendant to call 911 and then collapsed. He was pronounced dead at Detroit Receiving Hospital. Dex Osama came to fame after releasing raw, unabridged rap about Detroit street life specifically from his crew’s point of view known as the Choppa Boyz. On 4/4/2017, kind of like 44 it was reported that Big Ducie, Dex Osama’s brother was shot and killed. Kill 44 EO. Dex Osama allegedly had beef with members of a local Detroit rap group called Bandgang. Two of the members of Bandgang are dead, including Bandgang Paid Will who was shot and killed on 11/30/2020 in Detroit at 27 years old, another member of the 27 club. Paid Will is the fourth rapper in November of 2020 to die, keep in mind this does not include DJ Spinbad, who also died in November. Brax, King Von, and Mo3 all passed away in November 2020. Benny The Butcher and Lil Boosie were also shot in November 2020, but survived. On 9/22/2020 Bandgang Jizzle P was shot and killed in front of his mother in a car, at home, in the driveway, Driveway=44 FR, Detroit=44 RFR,  Michigan=44, Shooting=44RFR, Kill= 44 EO, Execution=44 FR. The last Bandgang album came out on 8/3/2018 it’s called “In Too Deep”. 8/3/2018 is similar to 83, Murder=83 RO. Paid Will and Jizzle P have the same Gematria of 73 FR for both of them, Sacrifice=73 EO. Jizzle P was 25 years old, Death=25 RFR. Jizzle P’s real name is Aaron Mays=107 EO, Shooting=107 EO. I’m still researching Paid Will’s real name, the internet is not making it easy.

     Brooklyn rapper Young M.A, In 2019 she released her critically acclaimed Herstory in the Making. Dedicated to her brother, Kenneth Ramos, who was stabbed to death by a former friend in 2009. Master P’s brother Kevin Miller was shot and killed during a robbery in 1995 by a man who was addicted to Heroin, keep in mind Master P’s other brother C-Murder has been in prison since 2002, for murder. Dr. Dre lost two brothers Jerome and Tyree, Dre, Dre also lost a son from an overdose of heroine and morphine, according to the Los Angeles County coroner. On May 25th, 2016 it was reported In Louisville, that gangster rapper Rambo stabbed two teen brothers to death. The bodies of 14-year-old Larry Ordway and 16-year-old Maurice Gordon Jr. were found burned in the backyard of an abandoned house on River Park Drive. Police have charged 25-year-old Brice Rhodes, Death=25 RFR, who is a known gang banger and gangster rapper named “Rambo,” in connection with the killings. Ever since the death of Juice Wrld on 12/8/2019 we have been documenting the deaths of several rappers every month since then. On 12/4/2020 Jay-Z’s birthday and the 13th year anniversary of the death of Pimp C, Gangxta Ridd=62 RFR, Sacrifice=62 RFR, of the first Samoan Hip Hop group Boo-Ya T.R.I.B.E.=67 RFR, Blood Sacrifice=67 FR, Human Sacrifice=67 succumbed to Covid-19. This is the first death reported in December 2020 of a rapper. On 4/49/2018 it was reported The Godfather (aka Ted Devoux) a founding member and band-leader of Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. with his brothers died.

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