José Joaquín de Ferrer, the man who coined the term “corona” +Event 201, the coronavirus simulation

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José Joaquín de Ferrer, shown above doing the masonic pose, the hidden hand, is credited with the term ‘corona’, relating to a solar eclipse. Notice how his name factors in.

His name also sums to 84.

He was 54-years-old when he died. *Jesuit Order = 54 *Sun = 54

Think of Pope Francis, the Jesuit, and possibly Mason, doing the hidden hand, among others.

For the clincher, José Joaquín de Ferrer’s full name sums to 201, similar to Event 201, simulating a coronavirus outbreak.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is Pope Francis’ birth name.

William Henry Gates is Bill Gates birth name, who co-hosted Event 201.

*Number of the Beast = 258

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You’ll notice in that post above, “18” is a big theme.  Jose died on the 18th of May, in 1818…

And about the ‘hidden hand’…

*Catholic = 71 / 46 (same ciphers)

*Religion = 53 (Same cipher)

*199, 46th prime (46 books in Catholic OT)

He died in Bilbao, Spain.

His location of death also encodes the 121…

*Blood Sacrifice = 121

Read more about 121 and the coronavirus outbreak:

*He died on his 205th day of his age.

Of course, we’ve been discussing the Knights Templar much, regarding the Catholic Church, and the coronavirus outbreak. We’ve also been discussing the Bavarian Illuminati. And with that in mind, notice the location of where he coined the term “Corona”, Kinderhook, NY.

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