Josh Green pledged Hawaii’s green future at the United Nations on July 12, 2023 (before Maui fires)

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Recall, the 127 rituals with the burning of Hawaii we have discussed thus far, a pattern that goes back to Pearl Harbor on December 7, or 12/7. Well, Josh Green was at the United Nations on July 12, or 12/7, just before Maui burned. That means from his UN appearance to the fire was 27 days later, or a span of 28 days, and both numbers are relevant.
Ritual = 27
Maui = 28

Keep in mind he spoke in New York, where the New Pearl Harbor happened, and buildings 1, 2 & 7 fell.

Notice that July 12 was his 220th day in office.

It goes with Maui burning on August 8, the 220th day of the year.

Josh Green has been comparing 9/11 to Maui, and he is also calling Lahaina “Ground Zero.” Watch him say it just after 3:30 in this video.

Ground Zero = 127
Pearl Harbor on 12/7
Buildings 1, 2 & 7 New York

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