Judge Aileen Cannon rejects Trump bid to dismiss criminal charges in classified documents case, April 4, 2024

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How about the 42-second clip of the raid of Diddy’s house?

This news comes on April 4, or 4/4, the anniversary of William Henry Harrison becoming the first US President to die in office. It is also the anniversary of MLK’s assassination, April 4, 1968.
Shooting=44 *Kill=44 *Execution=44

Keep in mind JFK was the 44th term US President, and killed in Dealey Plaza.

Of course, the Ides of March is to remember the killing of Caesar in 44 BC.

And remember, Aileen Cannon first aimed for May 20 for court with Trump, the anniversary of Ignatius of Loyola being shot with a Cannonball, May 20, 1521, in the Battle of Pamplona (263, 56th prime).

And notice the 88 connection with ‘Trump,’ ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Pamplona.’

The classified documents in Florida go back to Mar-A-Lago. That was on August 8, or 8/8, like 88.
Mar-A-Lago=68 *Donald John Trump=68 (MLK & RFK shot in ’68)

The election, November 5, leaves 56 days in the year and is essential to Jesuit history as well.
Cannonball=56 *Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56


Cali, Colombia=95 (April 4, 95th day of the year)
Aileen Mercedes Cannon=109 *Shooting=109 *April 19, 109th day, important to Ignatius

This is also part of CNN’s programming today, April 4, or 4/4, like 44.

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