Julian Assange agrees to plea deal for conspiracy charge, June 24, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government Hacking Jesuit Legal Secret Societies

Notice how the conspiracy guys, Alex Jones and Julian Assange, are both in the news on June 24, 2024. And keep in mind Alex Jones story is about something that happened to him yesterday, 133 days after his birthday.
White House=133
*Julian Assange=133

Alex Jones is in his 51st year of life. *Conspiracy=51 *Rome=51 *Federal=51

Julian Assange has pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge.


Notice the image from May 19, 2017, the 139th day of the year.
Freemasonry=139 (Freemasonry’s birthday)

Today has 74 date numerology. *Masonic=74 *London=74

Modern Freemasonry was created on this day, June 24, 1717, in London.


The 62-month sentence stands out in light of today being the birthday of Modern Freemasonry and St. John the Baptist.
St. John the Baptist=62

Read about Julian Assange’s arrest April 11, 2019

Notice the 271 weeks (58th prime) *Freemasonry=58 *Secret Society=58

Notice the 62 months (see above).

Notice the 1901 days. *Society of Jesus=191

Today is the 191st day of the Pope’s age.

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