Julio Lugo, who began career with Astros and finished with Braves, dead at 45, November 15, 2021

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There were 45 runs scored in the 2021 World Series, 25 by the Braves, and 20 by the Astros.
Major League = 45

He has died 13 days after the World Series concluded on November 2, 2021.
Thirteen = 45 / 45
Ritual = 45
IHS = 45

This the second death at age 45, of a former MLB player, since the conclusion of the World Series. In this case, Julio Lugo is dead one day before his 46th birthday, and he began his career with the Houston Astros and concluded it with the Atlanta Braves.

Read about the death of Pedro Feliciano at age 45, 7 days earlier, here.


  1. Fernando J. González G. on November 15, 2021 at 11:25 pm

    Part of his name corresponds to the name of Gaius Julius Caesar, dictator of the Roman Republic and father (adoptive) of the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus.

    [Gaius Caesar] = 41 / 76
    [Gaius Julius] = 41 / 76
    [Caesar Augustus] = 41 / 94
    [Julio Lugo] = 41 / 49
    [Julio Cesar] = 41 / 67

    • Fernando J. González G. on November 15, 2021 at 11:56 pm

      By the way, Pedro Feliciano also has a particular name. «Pedro Juan» would be «Peter John» in English, as the name of two of the Twelve Apostles.

      [Gaius Julius Caesar] = 104 / 41 / 193
      [Pedro Juan] = 104 / 41 / 139

      [Julio Lugo] = 41 / 49
      [Pedro Juan] = 41 / 49

  2. CJ Cheifer on November 16, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    Dead at 45? Not likely. Today’s his birthday, 11-16-1975. Also Julio means July and Lugo is a town in Spain fully supported by Roman walls or something. You know how Islamic groups will fight to claim whodunnit? I guess the same goes for the Jesuits and Freemasons. It’s all about the Gematria and the date calculations at the end of the day. They really don’t fight, they just take turns as to what adds up closer to look like numbers are the perfect satanic tool. Numbers suck. Low-level-consciousness people rely on numbers for direction. The more you play with numbers, the more you realize it’s just all about 9. Just 9. It’s a distraction from God’s greatness. Read the Bible and accept Jesus as Lord, and numbers will drop away some. But, since we’re here and I’m lonely:

    He was 46… same as me. He had to be.

    You know, yesterday (leaving 46 days in the year right?) a pitbull freaking attacked me and my little dog. I swung my dog around in the air like a slingshot and the pitbull didn’t lay a tooth on her (Thank you, Jesus!). I lost my voice because I screamed so hard. Funny thing is, the couple saw me, then let the dog come after me. I’m grateful that I stuck in the ring for 2 full minutes, which felt like a lifetime. This happened simply for the reason that I’m 555 months old, and am a lay mathematician and deeply religious. They’re tryna get me by the numbers, which ticks me off, a lot, but I find the humor in it too. Literally, the whole damned town, people… if you get my drift..

    Everybody who is 46 years 3 months old is 555 months old. The town here in Glasgow & Hinsdale Montana are bloodthirsty Freemasons. I can’t wait to survive to 556 months old. Beware 46’rs… things change a lot for smart people who hit 555! Hindsight is 20/20 though isn’t it? I only have Jesus Christ to carry me through, as many have abandoned me, and you know what? I’m kind of ok with that.

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