K.C. Jones, Boston Celtics star, dead at 88 on Christmas Day, December 25, 2020

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This news comes Christmas Day, December 25, 2020, a date with 77 numerology. And notice, he wore #25.

12/25/2020 = 12+25+20+20 = 77

They like the number 77 in Boston.

He is dead exactly 7 months after his birthday, May 25…


Notice how they mention his 7.4 points, and his height, 6’1″. That’s a tribute to Jesus, because he is dead on Jesus birthday…

And in light of him dying at 88, remember, Jesus was from Judea, and said to be ‘Jewish’… and his description should leave one to think he was black.

Furthermore, he coached the Celtics until ’88.


He was 57-25 that season… and ended up dying on the 25th, on a date with 57 numerology.

12/25/20 = 12+25+20 = 57

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