Kansas City Chief Frank Clark arrested Sunday, June 20, 2021, for possessing a submachine gun in Los Angeles

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Frank Dominick Clark = 173 (This news comes on 173rd day of the year)
6/20/2021 = 6+20+20+21 = 67 *Kansas City = 67

Super Bowl 56 is in Los Angeles, February 13, 2022. Notice where ‘Submachine Gun’ fits in.

Frank Clark = 41
Super Bowl = 41

Notice this story comes on a Sunday.


From the incident on Sunday, June 20, 2021, to the Super Bowl, is a span of 239 days.
-239, 52nd prime (Super Bowl 56 is 52nd of modern era)

The Chiefs were the first AFC team to play in the stadium that the Super Bowl is in, vs. the LA Chargers.

*This ritual comes 84 days before the Chiefs first game, September 12, 2021
-Jesuit = 84

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