Kansas City Chiefs visit the White House, Monday, June 5, 2023

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On June 5, or 6/5, the Kansas City Chiefs visited Joe Biden in Washington D.C. It is a reminder they beat Philadelphia, the old nation’s capital.
Philadelphia = 65 (like 6/5)
Washington DC = 56 (like 5/6)
*Society of Jesus = 56

Today is 113 days after Super Bowl 57, which was held February 12. It is a reminder that Patrick Mahomes improved to 11-3 in the Playoffs, beating the Eagles.
Eagles = 113

Today is also 104 days before Patrick Mahomes September 17 birthday, and the upcoming NFL season will be the 104th.

Today is also 251 days before Super Bowl 58.
251, 54th prime (Chiefs won SB 54)
*Jesuit Order = 54



  1. GregRamsey74 on June 7, 2023 at 7:22 pm

    “Kansas City Chiefs visit the White House” = 201(Single Reduction)

    This was the 156th day of the year.
    “Kansas City Chiefs visit the White House” = 156

    This came 174-weeks and 1 day after the Chiefs won Super Bowl 54.
    “President Joe Biden” = 174
    “New World Order” = 174

    This came a span of 71-days from the team’s anniversary franchise birthday, previously the Dallas Texans.
    “Catholic” = 71

    This also came 145-days after the anniversary of the Chiefs winning Super Bowl 4.
    “Catholic” = 145

    This came on the 79th day of Andy Reid being 65(former Philadelphia head coach)
    “Society of Jesus” = 79
    “The Synagogue of Satan” = 79

    This came 336-days after America’s previous birthday.
    “Philadelphia Eagles” = 336

    6/5/2023 = 6+5+20+23 = 54

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