Kansas City teen, Ralph Yarl, shot over going to wrong address becomes national news, Monday, April 17, 2023 (Benjamin Crump & S. Lee Merritt)

Black Lives Matter News Racism Shooting

CNN has made the Ralph Yarl shooting the top story on the 107th day of the year, April 17.
Shooting = 107

The date can also be written 17/4, like 174.
Kansas City, MO = 174
Number of the Beast = 174
*Black = 174
-Today leaves 258 days in the year
Number of the Beast = 258
Ralph Yarl = 666 (Sumerian)

A component of the story is the Black Lives Matter protests that have ensued because of the news.
Black Lives Matter = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Yarl = 56
Jesuits = 103
103rd day of the year
16th Century, the Jesuits century

And don’t forget Black Lives Matter popped off after the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri, August 9, 2014. Of course, Missouri has that ’42’ connection.
Missouri = 42
Kansas City, MO = 42
Slavery = 42
Tuskegee = 42
-And the rest of the 42 list…
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

The shooting came 237 days after Mayor Quintin Lucas’ birthday.
237, prime factors of 42

You could also say it came on his 34th week of his age.
Black = 34

The motto ‘Justice for Ralph’ also fits.
Justice for Ralph = 181 (42nd prime)
Black History = 181
February = 42

Keep in mind this incident came on the 181st day of Benjamin Crump’s age.

And notice the gematria of S. Lee Merrit and how it overlaps with ‘Jesuit Order.’ He is involved in this case along with Benjamin Crump.

Recall, the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson was on the day leaving 144 days in the year.

Then notice he was shot at the address of 115. Of course, MLK’s birthday is January 15, or 1/15. It is also a number connected to Freemasonry and death.
Masonic = 115
Killing = 115


It is possible this narrative will be connected to the MLB season. It happened April 13, the 103rd day of the year. That goes with the baseball team. *Kansas City Royals = 103 *Jesuits = 103

Keep in mind the Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl in the 103rd NFL season.

This story could also be paying tribute to the Royals winning the 111th World Series.
Ralph Yarl = 111 (New York = 111) *Who Royals beat in 111th World Series

From the date of Super Bowl 57, to the shooting April 13, was 60 days later.
4/13/2023 = 4+13+20+23 = 60
-Nigger = 60 & 42

From Super Bowl 57 to this April 17 news is 64 days later.
4/17/2023 = 4+17+20+23 = 64
Kansas City Chiefs = 64

The Chiefs won Super Bowl 57. *Wrong Address = 57

This is national news on a Monday (Moon-Day).
Moon = 57

Today is also 212 days after Patrick Mahomes’ birthday.
Kansas City Royals = 212

Don’t forget that Mahomes is not only the Chiefs QB, but a part owner of the Royals.

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