‘Karen’ throws dog at black man in viral Instagram video, October 9, 2020

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Recall, Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, there was a story about a ‘Karen’ calling the police on a black man who was bird watching, and in turn, the black man recorded her choking her dog during the time of the incident. Her name was Amy Cooper and it happened in Central Park, New York.

It was that same day that George Floyd was supposedly choked to death, by the ‘PARK’ Police, similar to the Central PARK incident with Amy Cooper.

Park = 26 / 62 *Floyd = 26 / 62 *Minneapolis = 62

And yes again, it is a race related ritual, coming on a date with 59 numerology, just like how the George Floyd killing was 59 days before the Minneapolis Mayor’s birthday.

10/9/2020 = 10+9+20+20 = 59

The other parallel is the Mercedes used as a prop. Of course, George Floyd was taken from his Mercedes ML 320 to police cruiser 320, where he was choked. In this case, the person filming is trying to get back to his WHITE Mercedes, but the WHITE woman is in the way, and of course the Mercedes Brand is associated with Germany, and sometimes the Nazis and the WHITE race.

Minneapolis = 62 *Floyd = 62 *Park = 62 *Riot = 62


Notice the handle glogloglo, equating to 102.

Read about the Ahmaud Arbery 102 *igger ritual: https://gematriaeffect.news/ahmaud-arbery-was-hit-by-a-truck-and-called-a-igger-before-death-june-4-2020-news/

From May 25, 2020 to October 9 is 137 days later.

137, 33rd prime *Race War = 33 *NBA Finals = 33 *New York = 33

*LeBron = 33 *James = 33 *Kobe = 33

Keep in mind this story is out of Los Angeles, California, and it went viral on Sunday, October 11, the day of the NBA Finals, that we said would be synced with the George Floyd incident, in Minneapolis, the original home of the Lakers, who closed out the Heat on this same day.

October 11 was the day leaving 81 days in the year.


And for one last point, you’ll notice that when the dog is thrown, it runs to the man recording the video, showing that the dog was not a stranger to him, and that proves the entire scene is contrived.


  1. ieattasteewheat on October 13, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    This is an interesting story. The recurring theme of these viral video rituals seems to be that white women appropriate black culture irresponsibly, i.e. “letting their dogs off the leash,” if you allow an interpretation of the dogs as representing black men in the racist views of the history-scripters. What struck me most, other than the disgusting animal abuse depicted, was the clear showcasing of this woman’s odd Aryan attractiveness and the fact that she was wearing ALL BLACK, including a black bra peeking out. Like Amy Cooper (42 RR) before her, she has clothed herself comfortably in blackness but reacts violently when confronted with “the reality of black otherness,” unleashing (pun intended) her rage primarily against the dog, the symbolic subhuman meant to take the black man’s place as the ritual’s central object. Meanwhile the real black man involved, in both cases, takes the place of the rituals’ audience; he is the unseen cameraman, representing a free and technically savvy public, ready to use his empowering technology to capture injustice at any moment and reveal it to the world. The fact that Glo Mula kept the dog after it was carelessly thrown represents a symbolic transfer of ownership of the black man from the attractive but abusive Aryan to the responsible and racially diverse public, just as Amy Cooper’s charges of filing a false report (and the internet’s reaction to her choking her dog) represent a growing sense of dangerous white frustration and impotence, which the “dog” has been made to pay for. Thus, in symbolic form, we are fed a suitably brief encapsulation of systemic racism and its inevitable result.
    Also, I consider it relevant that attractive or ditzy women are sometimes derogatorily called “birds,” and Amy Cooper caught her “black other” birdwatching. Same themes, different staged videos.

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