Kathy Hochul says ‘we’re not in a good place,’ January 3, 2022, in show of “leadership”

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‘We’re not in a good place.’ This is leadership?
We’re not in a good place = 94
Coronavirus Pandemic = 94
Roman Catholic Church = 94

We’re not in a good place = 95
-Jesuits created to Counter 95 Theses
Booster = 94 / 95
Fauci = 95
–We’re not in a good place = 202
–Skull and Bones = 202

Read more about what a joke Kathy Hochul is, and her September 27 speech
-September 27, day leaving 95 days in year
-Jesuits recognized by Rome on September 27

And notice today she is telling everyone to get boosted.



  1. Asif Zaman on January 4, 2022 at 12:13 pm

    Great post, Zach. Fuck you, Governor Hochul!

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