Kenny Rogers, dead at 81, March 21, 2020 news +March 20, 2020 death, Dolly Parton & Pope Francis

Celebrity Murder by Numbers

This news comes March 21, 2020, the 44/64 date, the day of the month where the numerology lines up for celebrity deaths.  Notice this month, it is the 81st day of the year, and we’re reading about the death of 81-year-old Kenny Rogers.

3/21/20 = 3+21+20 = 44

3/21/2020 = 3+21+20+20 = 64

3/21/2020 = 3+21+(2+0+2+0) = 28

*His first album came out in ’76, 44-years-ago.

And about the news on the 81st day of the year.

He died on Dolly Parton’s 62nd day of her age, 74.

You could also say he died 61-days after Parton’s birthday.

Him and Dolly did the song Islands in the Stream in ’83…

Rogers died on the 20th of March, in 2020, on his 213th day of his age.

Rogers had fateful name gematria, and fateful birth numerology.

He was born August 21, 1938.

8/21/38 = 8+21+38 = 67

8/21/1938 = 8+21+19+38 = 86

In light of him dying March 20, the 80th day of 2020, he had 80 singles, and hit the pinnacle of his career in 1980.  His name, ‘Rogers’, also sums to 80.

The date can also be written 20/3, like 203, connecting to the gematria of his full name, Kenneth Ray Rogers.

The 266 and 95 reminds of the Jesuits, who were formed September 27, the day leaving 95-days left in the year, to go after Martin Luther, who wrote the 95 Theses.  Consider the 266th Pope, Pope Francis is the first publicly Jesuit Pope.  This death comes on Francis’ 95th day of his age.

Read more about the Jesuits, 266 and Pope Francis here:

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