Kentucky Congressman, Andy Barr’s 39 year old wife and mother of 2 dies at their home, June 16, 2020 (no cause of death mentioned)

Government Murder by Numbers News Politics

Notice the emphasis on ‘Stunned and Heartbroken’.

Stunned and Heartbroken = 233 (51st prime); Federal = 51; Conspiracy = 51

89, the 11th Fibonacci; 11, the master number

Death = 118; Homicide = 118, 118 episodes of the show NUMB3RS…


The name Andy Barr syncs with ‘government’ and ‘murder’.

Remember, the song ‘Murder by Numbers’, by the police, came out in 1983, emphasis on ’83. Read more about it here:

The name ‘Eleanor’ syncs with ‘murder’ as well.

Eleanor = 70 / 119

She died 38-days before his 47th birthday, July 24, or 24/7 (and I’ve been talking about the number 247 a bit lately, and the 247th anniversary of the banning of the Jesuits coming up on July 21, 2020.)

She died on the 47th week of his age, in the 47th year of his life, 38-days before his 47th birthday.

She also died on the 38th Parallel North, and 84th Meridian West.

We know what 47 represents to certain secret societies.  And that matters because she died on June 16, 2020, or 16/6.

It’s a sick game.  And by the way, this news breaks on a date with 43 numerology.

6/17/20 = 6+17+20 = 43 (Killing was day prior)

106 and 110 have been everywhere lately, here is more.

Her name gematria is as follows:

227, the 49th prime number; Scottish = 49; America = 49

101, the 26th prime

Coronavirus = 142 *Year of the Rat = 142

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