Karry Mullis explains that Anthony Fauci is a bureaucratic, know nothing, who is the face of agendas

Coronavirus Federal Government History Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Read about Kerry Mullis very ritualistic death, just before the “coronavirus pandemic”, where since his passing, his PCR test has been used and exploited as a means to dupe the people of the world into believing the number of “positive cases”. Of course, if he was here, he would be able to expose it, since it is HIS TEST. Read more here: https://gematriaeffect.news/karry-mullis-dead-at-74-222-days-after-his-birthday-august-7-2019-days-before-event-201/

And let us not forget that Anthony Fauci has been where he is, the head of NIH, since 1984. *Jesuit = 84 *United States of America = 84

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