Kim Potter gets two years in prison for the killing of Daunte Wright, February 18, 2022

Black Lives Matter Government Jesuit Knights Templar Legal News

The ‘taser’ story is back on the 18th.
Taser = 18 / 72
-Jesuit Order = 72
-IHS = 18 / 18
-Sun = 18

This news comes 313-days after the April 11, 2021 reported killing.
313, 65th prime
George Floyd = 65
-This shooting was tied in with the George Floyd ritual of May 25, 2020
-It came a span of 322-days from the George Floyd killing
-Skull and Bones (322) is modeled after the Knights Templar
Knights Templar = 65

You could also say it comes in a span of 314-days.
Pi = 3.14

Cycles and circles of propaganda…

And keep in mind the ruling comes in Black History Month, on the back of the ‘Amir Locke’ news.

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