Kim Potter trial set for December 6, 2021, on May 17, 2021

Black Lives Matter Jesuit News Police State Racism

Kim Potter’s trial is set to begin December 6, or 6/12, like 612, which is the Minneapolis area code (612).
Police = 612 (Rev. Sumerian)

Keep in mind this news comes May 17, the 137th day of the year, the 33rd prime.
Police = 33, Kim = 33

The second day of the trial will be Tuesday, December 7, 2021, or 12/7.
Kim Potter = 127


  1. Andy Gadd on August 26, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    Let’s hope we get a school shooting on 6/12.
    Imagine the panic when the Russians turn America into Sarmat city.
    Everybody’s got to go.

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