Knicks lose with 83 points on the day of MF Doom’s death being reported, December 31, 2020

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Read about MF Doom’s here:

You’ll notice the image put out by his wife, along with the news, has him wearing a New York Knicks’ Patrick Ewing jersey.

As for the Knicks losing with 83 points, the game and the news came on a date with 83 numerology.

12/31/2020 = 12+31+20+20 = 83

83, 23rd prime *Knicks fell to 2-3

Read more about murder and 83 here:

His first album was ‘Operation: Doomsday’, equating to 83.

*In his video for Doomsday the song, he wears the same Knicks jersey.

Keep in mind he reportedly died on Halloween.

As for dying at 49, and the news coming on the eve of 2021, emphasis on ’21…

The mask was out of necessity… and again, he died in the year of “the mask.”

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