Knowing’s release date, March 20, 2009

Catholic Church Entertainment Jesuit Predictive Programming

Knowing is a film that I have said is a must watch many times before, and it is. That’s because it is about how events are predetermined and they are based in dates and numbers. Keep in mind the film’s opening credits begin with numbers turning into letters, in front of the sun, reminding that we’re on a solar based calendar, and the English language is synced with the calendar that was given to us by the Catholic Church that worships on SUNday.

Knowing = 93 (Sun is said to be 93 million miles away)

And notice the film released on March 20, or 3/20, like 320, the 79th day of the year.
Roman Catholic Church = 320
Society of Jesus = 79

It also released 72 days after Nicolas Cage’s 45th birthday.
Jesuit Order = 72
IHS = 45

And it released on a date with 52 numerology, reminding of the 52-weeks in the Gregorian year, a tribute to the Pope it is name after.
3/20/2009 = 3+20+20+09 = 52
Pope = 52

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