Kobe Bryant dead 243-days after Jerry West’s 81st birthday +Kobe to become new NBA logo?


This is very interesting, especially consider Jerry West, the man in the logo, is perfectly synced with Kobe Bryant’s death.  Notice below.

Kobe Bryant’s death came 243-days after Jerry West’s 81st birthday…

The United States is 243 years old.

‘NBA Logo’ and ‘Kobe’ have fitting Gematria as well.

‘Black Mamba’ also fits in with ‘logo’.

Kobe died in Calabasas.

And for one last point, ‘Kobe Bryant’ and ‘West’ have that 41 gematria. Of course, Kobe just died at age 41, in a massive “41 ritual”.

Read more about Kobe’s death at 41 here: