Kobe Bryant, dead at 41, 1-day after being passed by LeBron James in points scored, January 26, 2020

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This news comes the day after LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant in Philadelphia in points.

It is the 26th of January, the 26th day of the year.

The death was announced as the Pro Bowl was kicking off:

He died off the 101.

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LeBron James passes Kobe Bryant with 54th Lakers points:

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Kobe has died on a Sunday, the day of the week that sums to 33, and LeBron just passed Kobe in points in the 33k range. *Keep in mind this is the 74th NBA season, and you know how ‘they’ love to pair 33 and 74.

This comes on the day of the 62nd Grammy’s.

And about that 62, again…

Again, a ‘Faustian Bargain’ is a deal where you sell your soul for fame and material success.  The character who makes the deal in the story is known as Doctor Faustus, or for short, Faust.

1/26/20 = 1+26+20 = 47

1/26/2020 = 1+26+20+20 = 67

Keep in mind the first Grammy’s were in 1959, and on May 4, or 5/4. This matters because ‘Black Mamba’ sums to 59 and ‘Kobe Bean Bryant’ sums to 54.

The helicopter died in Calabasas, on a 67 date numerology.

1/26/2020 = 1+26+20+20 = 67

Read about the death of JoAnn Buss on the 67 date, December 16, 2019:




This comes right before Super Bowl 54.

Kobe was singing Fly Eagles Fly the year of Super Bowl 54, Eagles @ Rams.

The King passed him in points last night.

Recall, Kobe retired in 2016, 41-years after his father was drafted by Golden State, 14th overall, in 1975.

And don’t forget, when Kobe scored 81-points, his team scored 41, with a total sum of 122-points, on January 22, or 1/22. *Kobe Bean Bryant = 81

This death comes a span of 41-day from Shaq’s March 6, 2020 birthday.

JoAnn Buss of Lakers died December 16, 2019, 41-days before Kobe’s death:


Her name JoAnn summed to 54.

Kobe also died on his dad’s 100th day of his age.  Again, this is the 100th NFL season, ending with Super Bowl 54.

*Notice it was 3-months and 8-days as well *Death = 38; Murder = 38; Killing = 38; RIP = 38

His death comes 100-days before his wife’s 38th birthday or a span of 101.  The death also comes 38-weeks after his wife’s 37th birthday, or 266-days.

Read about 38 and death here:


Read about 266 and the Jesuits here:


Kobe’s death at 41 comes on the 266th Pope’s 41st day of his age. Keep in mind Pope Francis is the first publicly Jesuit Pope.

They have now identified the pilot, and of course, his name sums to 41, as well as 58, like Kobe Bryant.

Moving on from the 41 show, today is a span of 131-days to the start of the NBA Finals, June 4, 2020.

And then there’s the 666 piece.

And notice how ‘Calabasas, California’ factors in. Keep in mind 666 is taught about in Revelation 13:18, the 66th book of the Bible.

Recall the 66 / 113 ritual with LeBron James last game vs. the Lakers, as a member of the Cavs, and never forget that LeBron won his first NBA Championship in the 66th season, the year the season was shortened to 66 games, and not by accident.


He has died on his 157th day of his age.

The Grammy’s are at the Staples Center the day of his death, where the Lakers player, in Los Angeles.

157, 37th prime


Don’t forget the gematria of ‘helicopter crash’ and ‘murder’.

79 connects with LeBron’s full name.

79 also connects to Zion Williamson, who is playing on ABC today, his third career game, and the one that will be seen by most people, because it is on regular TV.

*Kobe has died a span of 163-days from Zion’s upcoming birthday. (163, 38th prime — Death = 38)

*This is the 74th NBA season; *Killing = 74; Zion Williamson = 74

And notice how they mention Kobe’s 20-year career.

This news also comes 27-days after LeBron’s birthday.

Keep in mind the U.S. is 243-years-old right now.

Today’s date can be written 26/1.

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He is dead at 22-days (span of 23, #23) before Jordan’s 57th birthday.

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He has died 99-weeks after receiving his award from the Oscars, March 4, 2018.  If you saw the short film, “13” was the key number, where the countdown began.  LA = 13 / 41 (41, 13th prime)

LeBron passed Kobe in his 99th game with the Lakers, the day prior.


His daughter is dead at 13 in this crash as well.

This is the 74th NBA season and his daughter’s name sums to 74:

She’s dead on 1/26, and Kobe’s 41 years + her 13 years = 54 years.

The helicopter crashed on the 4200 block (see below).


And they’re saying the crash was at 9:47 AM (911), on the 47 date numerology, go figure.


They’re also saying the helicopter took off at 9:06 AM, meaning it crashed 41-minutes later, for another 41.


As for the 9:06 AM takeoff, that connects to ‘Lakers’ and ‘LeBron’.

It turns out a cartoon predicted Kobe Bryant’s plane crash in 2016, and, there is Kobe Bryant Lakers toy helicopter that you can buy.


Kobe crashes in a helicopter in the 8th episode of this show, which released November 16, 2016.

Watch the clip here:


Notice it emphasizes Kobe’s 5 rings, as they come off his fingers in the accident.

At the time of Kobe’s reported death, along with his 13-year-old daughter, this image with the 5 behind both of them is being shown.

The initial reporting was 5-dead, but has since changed to 9-dead.  *Black Mamba = 59 *Negro = 59

The writer for the episode was Grant DeKernion, summing to 74, and here we are in the 74th NBA season, 2019-2020.

Kobe is the latest 74-33 ritual.  Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33

Jesus = 74; Cross = 74; Messiah = 74; Gospel = 74; Parables = 74

The episode was called End of Days, and this death comes just before Super Bowl 54, Super Bowl LIV.



The cartoon released on Kobe’s 86th day of his age, and he died on a date with 67 numerology.

Notice the 58 seconds on the timer.

Don’t forget the real King James died at 58, or that ‘Freemasonry’, ‘secret society’ and ‘Rosicrucian’ equate to 58, where King James was a Freemason and Rosicrucian. Also, the last time we saw a major death before the Grammy’s, it was Vanity, before the 58th (Purple Rain = 58), synced up with the death of Prince, a span of 67-days later. Of course Prince died on 4/21/16, the date with 41 numerology, and 33-years after recording I Would Die 4 U or, I would die 4/21, on Purple Rain.


They have now released the names of victims who died with Kobe, and the first two out sum to 54 and 101, numbers we have identified.


Update #2:

Zion Williamson’s game is over, and he now has 58-points scored through his first 3 NBA games (22 in Game 1, 15 in Game 2, and now 21 in Game 3): https://gematriaeffectsports.blogspot.com/2020/01/58-zion-williamson-on-58-points-day-of.html

Never forget, the real King James died unexpectedly at 58, and of course, this ritual is synced with “The King”. *The King = 74 (74th NBA season)

For another 58, Zion Williamson finished the game scoring 21-points on the day of Kobe’s death, bringing his career total to 58 (22+15+21 = 58).