Kobe Bryant death predictive programming | Legends of Chamberlain Heights, November 16, 2016 (KJV 1611)

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According to the LA Times, Kobe died at age 41, 41-minutes after his helicopter took off, in LA , which has a Gematria of 41 (LA = 15+26 = 41). It was reported the helicopter took off at 9:06 and crashed at 9:47.

Read more about the 41 ritual that was here:

As for the 9:06 AM takeoff, that connects to ‘Lakers’ and ‘LeBron’.

It also connects to ‘Freemason’, and it is Freemasonry that runs the whole show.

On the subject of Freemasonry and the chopper crashing at 9:47, on a date with 47 numerology (1+26+20 = 47), the Masonic Compass is set at 47-degrees in tribute to the 47th Problem of Euclid, and it is a number that many masonic rituals are conducted around.

Right now there is much chatter of Kobe the ‘Legend’, they even have a special on Hulu about this subject within hours of his death.

Notice ‘Legend’ has Gematria of 47.

Keep in mind Kobe’s most well known teammate, a man who is a Freemason himself, Shaq, is 47-years-old right now, and Kobe died a span of 41-days from his upcoming 48th birthday. *Freemason = 48 / 96

Read about the death of Shaq’s sister October 25, 2019, in a “47 ritual”:

Coming back to the word ‘legend’, it turns out a cartoon predicted Kobe Bryant’s plane crash on November 16, 2016, titled Legends of Chamberlain Heights. The specific episode was named End of Days.


Kobe crashes in a helicopter in the *8th episode of this show, which released November 16, 2016.

Watch the clip here:


Notice it emphasizes Kobe’s 5 rings, as they come off his fingers in the accident, and the two trophies. At the time of Kobe’s reported death, along with his 13-year-old daughter, this image with the 5 behind both of them is being shown.

The initial reporting was 5-dead, but has since changed to 9-dead.  5 to 9?

*Black Mamba = 59 *Negro = 59 *Slave = 59 *Freemasonry = 59

The writer for the episode was Grant DeKernion, summing to 74, and here we are in the 74th NBA season, 2019-2020.

Kobe is the latest 74-33 ritual.  Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33

Jesus = 74; Cross = 74; Messiah = 74; Gospel = 74; Parables = 74

The episode was called End of Days, and this death comes just before Super Bowl 54, Super Bowl LIV.



The cartoon released on Kobe’s 86th day of his age, and he died on a date with 67 numerology, after leaving from an “86 airport”…. read on.

They’re reporting the ‘legend’ departed from John Wayne Airport, having a gematria of 86. And when you think John Wayne, think Hollywood…


For more helicopter predictive programming read about this 2011 Nike short film, The Black Mamba, where Kobe Bryant takes out the villain, Kanye West, on a helicopter, with a basketball bomb.


And I love the poster with the exploding helicopter on Kobe’s right shoulder, CLASSIC, like CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA. Use that gematria…

The caption at the top sums to 157…

The Grammy’s were the day of his death.

His dad’s nickname was ‘Jellybean’.

Kobe died on his 157th day of his age.

And for another 157… connect he and his daughter…

Get a load of that caption! You lose this road game, you don’t go home? The Lakers lost to Philly, in Kobe’s hometown, the day before his death, with LeBron James passing Kobe for third all-time (in the 33k range), dropping Kobe to 4th, the number associated with death from the Far East (read about Mandarian Chinese and 4, as well as Japan and 4).

Read more about the ritual of LeBron passing Kobe on January 25, 2020, with the 54th points scored by the Lakers, while Philadelphia was stuck on 74. Search “Kobe LeBron” in the top right. You can’t miss it.

And notice this connect with Kanye West. Kobe’s death came a span of 135-days before his 43rd birthday. Notice Kanye is 42 right now and the chopper crashed on the 4200 block of a street that sums to 81…

Don’t forget those Kanye West lyrics from the song ‘Clique’, which mentions LeBron as well:


Don’t forget those Kanye West lyrics from the song ‘Clique’, which mentions LeBron as well.

Also, check out these Kobe toys that are helicopter related.

#24, Kobe Bryant

And here’s the evidence Kobe is dead, along with 8 other people, in a helicopter named S-76, the day after the 76ers ritual with LeBron passing Kobe in his hometown, Philly, which makes me think Fresh Prince, but we’ll save it for later…

This is only evidence if you beLIEve the media in 2020

And let us go back to the name of that film ‘Black Mamba’.

Kobe died 211-days before August 24, 2020, what is now known as Kobe Bryant Day in L.A. because he wore the jersey numbers 8 & 24.

He was honored at the 62nd Grammy’s

The location and date tied in with ‘Black Mamba’ as well.

1/26/2020 = 1+26+20+20 = 67

I love this! This article below shouts out 113, and gives a nice photo of Kobe Bryant Day, from August 24, 2016, when it was declared.

You know the meaning of 113 right… Talmud…

Remember when Jordan retired on January 13, or 1/13???

Read about the first Scottish wrestler winning the 33rd Royal Rumble, the day that Kobe Bryant (Kobe = 33; Masonry = 33) died:


33rd Royal Rumble.

And about that 113… read here:


Since 113 is about the morality of lying, there is a point that must be made about Kobe Bryant dying on the 37-year anniversary of Bear Bryant, January 26, the 26th day of the year.

Recall, God sums to 26 in Hebrew and English.

The point to be made is, you can play God with lies, if you can reach enough people, and have enough persuasion.

Remember, mankind is made in the 26th Verse, Genesis 1:26, where later in the book, mankind is deceived by the serpent, with the lie. *Kobe died on 1/26, January 26.

Notice the first man Adam sums to 26.

And there is a lot more to this 26 business, which the first chapter of my is about, speaking on its meaning, and why there are 26 letters in the English alphabet.

For many in the modern world, the ‘game’ is ‘God’, and players like Bryant and Jordan are treated as Gods, or living LEGENDS.

Keep in mind LeBron passed Kobe the day prior, 26-days after LeBron’s 35th birthday, December 30, 2019, and LeBron came into the game with 33,626 points scored, emphasis on the ’26’ at the end.

*Philadelphia = 101 (26th prime)

*Philadelphia is named in Revelation, the 66th Book of the Bible, when referencing the Synagogue of Satan.

In light of this being the 74th NBA season, don’t forget the meaning, in light of those who manage the league.

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 04: Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver (L) and NBA Commissioner David Stern speak at a press conference after NBA labor negotiations at The Westin Times Square on October 4, 2011 in New York City. Stern announced the NBA has canceled the remainder of the preseason and will cancel the first two weeks of the regular season if there is no labor agreement by Monday. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Recall, the Zion Willimson sweepstakes were May 14, 2019, the anniversary of the establishment of Zion Israel (Jewish nation), May 14, 1948.

And this brings us to how the 74th season relates to God, which relates to Kobe ‘Bryant’, dying on the 26th.

Some Jews write God G-d, and G is 7, and D is 4.


Remember when LeBron said he was getting that ‘Jewish’ money on the 74 date, then he sat out with a fake injury for a chunk of last season, his first with the Lakers (that was all for lining up the Kobe ritual)?

Read here if you forgot: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/01/34-35-lebron-james-to-return-against.html

Another name associated with God is the ‘tetragrammaton’ (or YHWH), which connects to the fact that real King James died at age 58, and he was a Rosicrucian and a Freemason. He also died unexpectedly.

All of this knowledge goes back to the Crusades, when the Knights Templar occupied Jerusalem, for God, calling Temple Mount, what is now al-Aqsa Mosque, ‘Solomon’s Temple’, where the Mason’s secrets are.

About the 86 part of Tetragrammaton, the alternate value to 58, recall the cartoon of Kobe crashing in the helicopter from Chamberlain Heights, released on Kobe’s 86th day of his age, and then when Kobe supposedly died in a real helicopter crash, he departed from John Wayne Hospital, summing to 86. Well, let us not forget that King James Bible, published in 1611, not unlike the release date of the cartoon, November 16, or 16/11. Again, King James passed Kobe, and pushed Kobe to 4th place in points, the number associated with death, and also reminding of the 4th book of the Bible, which is titled NUMBERS.

LeBron James is 35-years-old at the moment, and I told you to lookout for this year!

Again, Kobe died at age 41, in LA, in a HUGE 41 ritual, 41-minutes after taking off in the helicopter…


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